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The Dangers of Fluoride in Our Water

Ever since the early 1940s there has been an involuntary program going on in America that has caused a lot of controversy. While some have hailed it as a blessing, many have called it a deadly conspiracy and still others label it a Communist plot.

I’m referring to fluoridation of our drinking water. Fluoride is the byproduct of the phosphate industry, and is not FDA approved. You need to know that it is the only chemical added that does nothing for the quality of our water. It is designed to medicate those who drink it. So let’s take a look at fluoridation.


  1. Supporters claim it fights tooth decay. Recent statistics quote a decline of 20% in cavities, which amounts to one cavity in a single tooth. However, I point out that recent studies indicate the benefits are minimal and that declines in tooth decay are about the same as the non-fluoridated European countries, reflecting nothing more than an increase in oral hygiene.


  1. fluoridation_in_our_water_imageA 2005 study found that fluoridation contributes to and exacerbates thyroid conditions.
  2. Can be damaging to the kidneys.
  3. Causes fluorosis or mottled teeth in 10–15% of consumers.
  4. Increases bone fractures.
  5. Decreases childhood IQ.
  6. Deadly bone cancer in boys at 5½ times the rate as those who drink unfluoridated water.
  7. Causes elevated lead toxicity.
  8. Arvid Carlsson, winner of the 2000 Nobel Prize for Medicine, is against fluoridation, saying that it violates modern pharmacological principles.

Let me share my opinion. I believe that fluoridation of municipal water systems represents mass involuntary medication that has potentially more risks than benefits, and therefore should be the option of the consumer. Presently the average person consumes 3 times the amount that the ADA even recommends. A 2001 study found that topical application, on the teeth, is the most effective, so make fluoride available for those who want it in toothpaste, mouthwash, salt (like iodine), and supplements, but give those of us who don’t want it the same consideration. And don’t put it in the water!

When I turn on the tap I want the purest water possible, not a solution laced with a controversial substance.

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