Our Commitment
Organic & Non-GMO

For clean health and great taste, plant-based goes beyond just being vegan. We take your lifestyle seriously with no synthetics, no fillers, and absolutely no animal products.

We harness the power of clean, quality ingredients, formulated for optimal absorption so your body can perform at its peak, giving our best so you can give yours.


We understand that the earth gives us exactly what we need, and there’s no need to modify that. Sunwarrior uses only organic & non-GMO ingredients when possible.


Sunwarrior believes the answers for optimal health are found in nature. Our clean-burning sources of plant-based proteins provide essential BCAAs (branch chain amino acids) for muscle growth/retention and energy.

Get the benefits from plant proteins that taste amazing and are: 100% vegan - no added sugar - gluten-free. Great for nutrition on the go in a shake or a protein boost to your favorite smoothies.

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Our Happy Customers

Every sunwarrior product makes me feel excellent their Collagen Building Protein Peptides is another fabulous product! I particularly appreciate that it's plant based - a huge plus to me!

Megan W.

Always a great protein powder. I've been getting this protein for years. It's the only brand that doesn't bloat my stomach and isn't gritty. Great quality always and reasonable price.

Renee R.

The taste is wonderful. It makes me feel like I’m cheating on a diet!!! I add kale an apple and a banana to my shake. I’ve lost 10 pounds unknowingly, without any effort!!!

Rosalind R.


Get Hydrated! Liquid Light time travels to deliver ancient solar energy to the present. This raw, plant-based fulvic acid and liquid mineral complex was created by nature well before modern pollutants came into being.

Protect, nourish, detox, and hydrate your cells with electrolytes, minerals, and ionic trace minerals. This powerful nutrient transporter is a liquid supplement ready to revitalize a depleted world.


Vegan Recipes

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread