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CLEAR Protein Refresh Plant-based Protein Sunwarrior 30 Servings
CLEAR Protein Refresh Plant-based Protein Sunwarrior
CLEAR Protein Refresh Plant-based Protein Sunwarrior

CLEAR Protein Refresh

Boost muscle building & recovery with an refreshing protein drink
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30 Servings
  • 30 Servings
CLEAR Protein Refresh
CLEAR Protein Refresh
Soy Free
CLEAR Protein Refresh
Dairy Free
CLEAR Protein Refresh
0g Added Sugars
CLEAR Protein Refresh
No Artificial Sweeteners

This unique, groundbreaking vegan protein water fuels your muscles with a thirst-satisfying protein boost. Upcycled protein from barley is super simple. Just protein. Just refreshing. Just life.

How to use & when to take

Just add water. Seriously it’s that easy. This formula was created with simplicity in mind. Mix, Shake, or Blend 1 scoop with 12 ounces of water. Foaming is normal, let dissipate for 1 minute and enjoy the refreshing, hydrating protein boost.


Barley rice protein, organic flavors, citric acid, organic beet root powder, organic steviol glycosides, organic monk fruit extract.


Meet the untapped potential of nutrient dense barley! Upcycled and completely soluble, this vibrant boost of amino acids and protein! Clear Protein Refresh offers a refresh of essential amino acids for muscle repair and growth while also being a hydrating beverage when mixed with water, making it an ideal choice for a refreshing protein boost. Clear Protein Refresh stands out as a versatile, delicious, and nutritionally beneficial boost to your protein needs.

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We Want you to Ask!


How many ingredients are in this simple formula?

When we say simple, we mean it. With only five ingredients: Barley rice protein, organic flavors, citric acid, organic beet root powder, organic steviol glycosides, organic monk fruit extract, you can count on a clean boost of protein!

What does upcycled mean?

Upcycled means sustainability. Upcycled barley is one of the most sustainable proteins on the planet. It uses less water to grow, prevents food waste, and doesn’t require transportation to our facility. This means a reduced carbon footprint and less impact on the environment.

What does Clear Protein refresh taste like?

Sunwarrior’s Clear Protein Refresh is light, hydrating and completely refreshing. This entirely soluble formula is meant to be taken with water. The light pineapple flavor is not chalky or gritty.

How does barley rice protein water differ from other plant-based proteins?

Barley rice protein distinguishes itself by its clear and refreshing nature, providing a lighter alternative to traditional protein supplements without sacrificing nutritional benefits.

What is Clear Protein?

Just so we’re clear, let’s talk about what clear means in this particular instance. Sunwarrior’s Clear Protein isn’t called clear because of its color, it’s in reference to the texture. For those who don’t necessarily love a creamy or thick shake-like texture, Clear Protein is made from much finer powder resulting in a light, refreshing, drink. The delicious flavors will shade the color as Clear Protein delivers a healthy, thirst-satisfying punch of 10g of protein. Using upcycled barley is a conscious departure from the creamy texture of traditional protein shakes.



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