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A Tasty Nutritious Meal on the Go
Lean Superfood Shake (20 servings)
A Tasty Nutritious Meal on the Go
Lean Superfood Shake (20 servings)
Quick on-the-go meal
Get an energy boost when you need it the most
Manage your weight without feeling hungry
Say goodbye to digestive issues
Boost your body with a healthy dose of essential nutrients
Made with no fillers, no preservatives, and no animal products
Trusted by Major Health Food Stores Across the Country for Over 15 Years
“It’s delicious and super easy to make. I drink it first thing in the morning and it keeps me full and energized for hours! No cravings and no yucky aftertaste.”
— Lee-Ann W. (Verified buyer)

Managing your weight has never been this easy!

Be the shape you love best with the cleanest Vegan ingredients.

A Quick Nutrient-Packed Meal Replacement To Fuel Your Day
Formulated with doctors and nutritionists
Switch to this clinically studied, safe, and sustainable way to have a nutritious meal on the go. Our 100% Vegan superfood shake has all the essential nutrients you need to feel and look incredible. Manage your weight easily, feel more energized, and boost your gut health!
Our Lean Superfood Shake is proven to:
Taste delicious without leaving behind an awful aftertaste
Boost your metabolism and burn fat
Leave you energized and feeling fuller for longer
Promote better digestive health
Give your body all the daily nutrients it needs
1. PeakO2®

Helps you to overcome physical and mental stress

2. Vitamin Blend

Gives you a burst of energy and helps reduce tiredness

3. PhytoServ®

Packs a powerful punch of essential plant-based nutrients

4. Vegetable Blend

Brings you one vegetable serving equivalent

5. Fruit Blend

Brings you one fruit serving equivalent

6. Deerland® Probiotics & Enzymes

Boosts your immune and digestive health

Give Your Body All the Nutrients It Needs

For easy weight management,
more energy and better gut health

A wholesome nutritious shake
Vitamins + Minerals + Phytonutrients

Curb cravings

Kelp is full of iodine, which is critical in helping your thyroid produce the hormones needed to regulate metabolism, reduce hunger, and keep your cravings in check.

Stay healthy

Marine algae is full of nutrients that help boost your immunity and prevent serious diseases.

Prevent the build-up of excess fat

The natural fiber alginate found in Kelp acts as a fat blocker, stopping the absorption of fat in the gut. This aids in weight management.
Get weight management support
Adaptogenic mushrooms + Cinnamon powder

Boost your metabolism

Shiitake mushrooms speed up your metabolic processes and help to suppress hunger.

Burn fat

Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane reduce the accumulation of fat, help regulate blood sugar levels, and decrease your appetite.

Feel fuller for longer

Cinnamon powder helps to cut down cravings, promote satiety and keep you from feeling hungry.
Feel more energized
Vitamin B12 + MCT Oil

Fuel your brain

High energy-derived MCT ketones provide a quick and powerful energy boost to your brain cells.

Turn fat into energy

MCT Oil helps your body to convert fat cells into energy which also aids weight loss.

Get the most energy out of your food

Vitamin B12 lets your body convert food into glucose, which gives you energy
Better gut health
Probiotics + Fiber

Keeps you regular

Fiber provides nourishment for your gut bacteria and helps you have healthy bowel movements.

Prevents digestive issues

Probiotics help to flush bad bacteria and toxins out of your gut microbiome. This helps prevent gut infections, constipation and symptoms of IBS.

Reduces bloating

Probiotics and fiber restore the balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut. This reduces inflammation and reduces gas to help prevent bloating.
Tastes delicious with no awful aftertaste
Without any added sugars or artificial flavorings

No added sugars

Enjoy the best of nature with 0g added sugars. Whether you choose the Chocolate, Vanilla, Snickerdoodle or Salted Caramel flavor, you can rest assured that there are no hidden sugars.

No synthetics, fillers or artificial flavorings

At Sunwarrior, we pride ourselves on bringing you the cleanest, most organic supplements. Every flavor you taste is 100% natural and blended to perfection.

Manage your weight in a safe, sustainable way!


Tastes delicious with no awful aftertaste

Choose from delicious flavors like Chocolate, Vanilla, Snickerdoodle and Salted Caramel. With every yummy shake, you won’t struggle to stay on track with your health goals.


Boosts your metabolism and burns fat

Lean Superfood Shake was specifically designed with the help of doctors and nutritionists. It has been clinically studied as a safe way to manage your weight, burn fat, and speed up your metabolism.


Leaves you energized and feeling fuller for longer

With one of our nutritious Lean Superfood Shakes, you’ll have the energy you need to power through the moments that matter most. No tiredness, no cravings, no hungry feeling.


Promotes better digestive health

Say goodbye to tummy troubles, bloating and irregular bowel movements. Our lean fuel blend makes it easy to look after your gut health by being free of allergens like gluten, whey, soy, dairy, and many more.


Give your body all the daily nutrients it needs

Every two scoops contain the equivalent of one fruit serving and one vegetable serving. From fiber to vitamin B12, you can rest assured that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs.

Keep Drinking Your Shake to See Results!

We recommend that you take our Lean Superfood Shake for at least 90 days — but you’ll start feeling the difference from the very first sip. Although our formula instantly gets to work, the results will keep getting better and better the longer you use it.
We recommend taking it for a minimum of 90 days to:
Help manage your weight
Boost your gut health
Feel more energized
Stay fuller for longer without cravings
Get a healthy dose of all the nutrients you need
How to Enjoy
It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3!
Make your shake in as little as 30 seconds!
Mix, shake, or blend 2 scoops into your favorite beverage and enjoy.
Get all your daily nutrients
Drink at least one shake per day. Boost your body with all the vitamins, minerals, fiber, and nutrients it needs.
Start seeing results!
Feel more energized. Reduce bloating. Easily manage your weight. All in just 90 days.

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Sunwarrior Reviews
Absolutely! As a vegan company, we believe that the answers to our nutrition are found in plants. This means all of our products are 100% vegan, all the time. So yes, our Lean Superfood Shake is 100% plant-based!
Of course! We created our supplements to work synergistically with each other, so feel free to mix and match according to your own needs and goals. Lean Superfood Shake is a great addition to your health routine.
Research shows that visual results can begin showing after 90 days. You will feel the difference well before you see it. But remember that consistency is key!
Everybody's situation and needs are different, so add supplements to your routine in a way that works best for you.

You can take them together or throughout the day but try to take them consistently for best results. Be sure to follow the suggested use as instructed on the label.
Sunwarrior’s entire product lineup is 100% plant-based, and we source our ingredients from sustainable growers who use regenerative agriculture. Our packaging is made from recycled milk jugs. We don’t harm the oceans, and we have no use for factory farming of animals (yay, vegan!). Then we brought our manufacturing in-house so that we maintain control over our strict standards of quality. All of our powdered products are made by Sunwarrior Team members located in Southern Utah.
Disclaimer: Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss. Individual results may vary. The statements on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and do not replace medical advice.
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