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Ever feel like life-on-the-go keeps getting in the way of your nutrition?

Sustainable convenience is here to help you keep pace with your life and your protein needs.

Sunwarrior Warrior Blend GO packs

We have heard your requests for a ready-to-drink protein. We worked hard to bring you exactly what you asked for but were ultimately concerned with the amount of synthetics and preservatives required to make a safe, shelf-stable drink that, in the end, didn’t even taste like the Warrior Blend you love. We were thrilled to discover this patented technology that conveniently brings you the purest Warrior Blend formula. It also reduces the carbon footprint through the entire product life-cycle, so we decided to GO for it!

  • Uses 60% less plastic—WB GO pouch uses 60% less plastic when compared to a traditional rigid bottle
  • Requires 34x less space & 90% lighter—WB GO requires 34x less space and is 90% lighter, which means less wasted energy in shipping.
  • Fully recyclable—Made from fully recyclable materials and can be recycled again! PRO TIP: Yes, you can even reuse your pouch. Just funnel a scoop of protein back in there after a good rinse.

Warrior Blend GO encourages an active lifestyle while creating a more sustainable world for those living life on-the-GO.

GO all Out

When you are out for adventure, Sunwarrior is your road map to quality, clean protein! Warrior Blend is a smooth, nutrient-filled superfood that will help you build & repair lean muscle and amplify your health & fitness in every delicious serving. When it comes to nutrition, we understand how important it is to GO all out. And we always do.

GO Big or go home

Whether you’re on vacation, managing your workday, hiking for an afternoon, heading out to the field for a game or to the gym for a workout, we’re big enough to provide you with the clean, quality protein you deserve while being small enough to fit in wherever you need us. Throw nutrition in a suitcase, glove box, purse, backpack, or gym bag so it’s there to give you a boost whenever and wherever you’re on the GO.

How Does That GO Again?

It’s easy! The Warrior Blend GO pouch comes with a full serving of Warrior Blend powder and a patented Go Mix agitator ball included inside. All you do is add water*, shake & GO. It’s available in vanilla flavor and comes in a pack of 6.

*For best results, use high-quality H2O, then shake holding the cap. May be clumpy if nut milks are used.

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