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Grow New Adult Brain Cells By Doing These 6 Things


For a long time, it was believed that the adult brain couldn’t generate new brain cells. You were born with a certain amount of brain cells, and that was it. As you age, you naturally start to lose brain cells. So, basically, that means that after you hit twenty-five, it all goes downhill in terms of brain function.

The good news is that scientists have now shown that growing new brain cells, or neurogenesis, is possible for adults. In this process, new brain cells or neurons are created in the hippocampus. This region of the brain is responsible for storing long-term information, learning, and regulating emotions.


Let us show you the six things you can do to encourage neurogenesis and help grow new adult brain cells...



Foods To Boost Brain Power and Improve Your Memory Naturally


Your brain is continually at work. It regulates thousands of complex functions, usually without bothering the conscious mind with the exact details. But when you rely on fast food rather than whole-food nutrition, you sacrifice your brain’s abilities to work efficiently. Simple daily tasks can turn into complicated, complex problems if you do not fuel your brain correctly. You know that how you eat can affect your weight, but do you know what foods you eat also affect your mood, brain power, memory, concentration, and even your ability to handle stress?


Here are some brain foods that will pull you out of your rut and improve your concentration...          


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