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Chocolate Collagen Mocha Heaven Bundle - Save 15%

chocolate collagen mocha heaven bundle blender bottle mocha pudding

Trust us, Mocha Heaven is everything you imagine it to be. When blended together, rich chocolate and coffee flavors intermingle with all the creaminess of a frappuccino and the health benefits of nature’s garden.

  • CHOCOLATE FUDGE COLLAGEN BUILDING PROTEIN PEPTIDES - This delicious chocolate fudge blend boosts the production of collagen, a naturally occurring substance that lubricates tissues and joints, delays the natural aging process, and seals the lining of the small intestine to heal or prevent leaky gut syndrome.
  • MOCHA WARRIOR BLEND - Our money’s on the chance you’ll be so enraptured by the flavor and aroma of cocoa and roasted coffee that you’ll forget all about the full amino acid profile and list of superfood ingredients. But don’t be fooled… even a plant-based protein blend this delicious means business. Mocha Warrior Blend, reporting for duty!
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