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Thanks for your interest in the contributor program! Sunwarrior is a plant-based protein company dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles and eating habits. Our goal is to uplift and inspire individuals on a personal journey to a better life. To help others join us in achieving this goal, we’ve created the Contributor Program.

The contributor program is an exchange of your articles or recipes for your choice of Sunwarrior product. We then post your contribution on Sunwarrior News with credit to you and a link to your site. All contributions are sent directly to our editor at

The Sunwarrior News pages are not dedicated to any single topic but instead reflect a wide range of issues that might be of interest to those interested in a healthy lifestyle.

To better help you understand what sort of articles we might be looking for, we’ve included our list of categories:

People love to see what worked for others, and they love to get ideas for their own lives, whether it be for a simple recipe, a favorite exercise, or how to include the family in a healthy lifestyle. Overall, as long as your article or video relates to health, fitness, and nutrition, focusing on plant-based living, we will likely have an interest in your submission.

We're looking for original content, meaning new recipes or articles that haven't been used on other websites or print-published works like magazines.



There are two categories for article length:

Articles 500–800 words in length

Receive their choice of Immune Shield, Liquid Light, the 500g sizes of the proteins, Vitamin Mineral Rush.

Articles 801–1000 words in length

Receive their choice of any product, including the larger tubs of protein, the Raw Vitamins for Him, or the Raw Vitamins for Her, Ormus Supergreens

Note: If our editor, in reviewing the article, finds use of unnecessary "filler" words and, upon editing, your word count falls significantly below the standard, you may be invited to add more information to your article.

All contributions will go through an editing process after approval. This process typically grooms the article for minor grammar issues including spelling and punctuation, but can also include breaking up paragraphs, rewriting for clarity, or deleting information that is unnecessary or that doesn’t reflect Sunwarrior’s core values. We are dedicated to maintaining your voice, so if substantial change seems necessary, we will ask you to rewrite. We typically can accept up to four articles a month, which should give you plenty of the products of your choice, but sometimes our dance card fills up fast and we’re unable to accept that many. Let us know how frequently you'd like to submit articles, and we'll arrange a schedule based on that and on our current calendar.

Feel free to contact us with any questions concerning how and what to submit. We're more than happy to help and excited to see what you come up with. If you have any questions regarding the Contributor Program, contact our editor at

Here are a few examples of well-written articles:


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