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How To Use The Forum

Getting Started

1. Go to Tribe.Sunwarrior.com or download the Sunwarrior app

2. Log In or Sign Up (top right - this is your Sunwarrior.com email and password)

Navigating The Forum

Click the Menu at the top left

Select a Menu Item

Posting a Topic

1. Click the "New Topic" button

2. Write your Topic title

3. Select the best Category fit


> Add a poll to your Topic

> Add HTML, quotes, images, links, etc.


Commenting on a Post

Click the "Reply" button at the top of any Topic or scroll to the bottom and click "Write a reply..."

Navigating Back in The Forum

At the top of the page, click the back arrow

Please let us know in the app in the "Chat" if you find any issues or we can help you with anything