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Kristina's Favorites

Frequently Asked Questions

Kristina’s Favorites FAQs

Who is Kristina?

FullyRaw Kristina is  a leader in the health and wellness space. She works to encourage people to live healthy, vegan lifestyles. She challenges individuals to eat at least one FullyRaw meal per day and strives to help others learn how to take better care of themselves.

We are so proud to partner with Kristina here at Sunwarrior!

What are FullyRaw Kristina’s favorite products?

Kristina states that her favorite products are our liquid light, liquid vitamins, collagen-building protein peptides, supergreens, magnesium, and omega-3 capsules.

How can I use some of Kristina’s favorite products in my daily life?

You can use our powders in recipes or mix them in your smoothies. Take the capsules as often as instructed on the labels.

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