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The Best Collagen Booster to Enhance Your Beauty From the Inside Out
Youthful Skin
Healthier hair
Reduce Joint Pain
Stronger nails
100% Vegan
Trusted over 15 years providing the best plant-based proteins.
Look Younger. Stay Strong. Get Glowing Skin.
With Just 1 Drink Per Day!

By the age of 30, we lose more collagen than our bodies can make. On top of that, pollutants in our air, water and food deplete your body’s last bits of collagen.

That brings all the aging signs that no one wants to see:

Uneven, loose skin
More stretch marks and scars
Damaged hair
Brittle, dull nails
Wrinkles and fine lines
More cravings and feeling hungry
Unlike other collagen supplements, Sunwarrior doesn’t just replenish what you’ve lost. We actually BOOSTS your body’s own collagen production. With no animal products!
(Astragalus roots and Panax notoginseng)
Reduces inflammation
Astragalus has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation throughout the body and improve your appearance.
Improves your blood circulation
Panax notoginseng enables blood to flow freely to the skin, delivering oxygen and nutrients. This helps to keep you looking healthy and youthful.
(Hydrolyzed guar gum)
Promotes healthy digestion
Without you experiencing bloating or excessive gas!
(Saffron extract)
Reduce Dark Spots & Hyperpigmentation!
Saffron can help to have brightening and complexion-evening effects: through the reduction of melanin production, thus reducing dark spots & hyperpigmentation!
A Powerful Anti-Aging Formula
(Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, Biotin, Tremella Mushroom)
Start looking younger today!
Hyaluronic acid
Prevents dark spots
Reduces sun damage
Brightens your skin
Nourish your skin
Vitamin C
Keeps your skin plump and firm
Helps to absorb iron
Grow healthy hair and nails
Enjoy beautiful, healthy hair
Organic Biotin
Prevents hair thinning
Grow strong hair that doesn’t break or fall out
Put the volume back in your hair
Minimize your wrinkles
Tremella mushroom
Hydrates your skin
Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
Reduces skin inflammation
Game changer!
“My skin looks amazing and wrinkles are reduced!! 😱 I never thought I’d look this good at 52!!!”
- Kat K.
Love it.
"I’m absolutely amazed! My skin has never felt so amazing and I look 10 years younger! Slim Collagen has improved my skin, wrinkles and makes me glow! 💗"
- Ra V.
Low on carbs and calories, and it’s also 100% Vegan and dairy-free
Made to hydrate and smooth out your skin to reduce the signs of aging
Enable blow to flow freely throughout your entire body, delivering essential nutrients for better overall health and appearance
Helps to build strong and healthy hair, skin and nails
It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3!
Make your shake!
Mix, shake, or blend 1 scoop into 10-12 ounces of your favorite beverage and then enjoy!
Repeat once per day.
Continue drinking your shake at least once a day. You’ll feel the difference instantly!
Start seeing results!
Research shows that visual results can begin showing after 90 days.
SLIM Collagen Boost vs the Rest
See why people choose Sunwarrior!
We have the only collagen blend that boosts your own body’s production. No more getting your collagen from animals instead!
Sunwarrior SLIM Collagen Boost Skinny Fit Super Youth Vital Collagen Peptides
Reduce inflammation and increase your blood circulation for a healthier appearance.
Saffron extract
Feel fuller for longer with no sugary cravings
Organic Biotin
Grow strong & healthy hair
Hyaluronic acid
Brightens your skin for a youthful, supple glow
Organic bamboo extract
Promotes healthy hair, skin and nails.