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Vital Keto Nutrition with CBD Bundle - Save 30%

The keto diet has helped millions transform their bodies into efficient, fat building machines. Combine it with CBD and it is the ultimate supplement package for someone who wants the added benefits of CBD incorporated into their keto diet.

Our Vital Keto Bundle with CBD combines the nutrients needed to keep your body running optimally with mental and physical healing properties of CBD.

  • Clean Keto - Clean fat from coconut MCTs, Organic fermented pea protein, fava bean protein, prebiotic fiber and organic brown rice peptides, provides the right macros to help you stay in ketosis and burn fat as fuel.
  • ORMUS SUPER GREENS - While the Keto diet requires high amounts of fat and protein, it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough vegetables. Grown in a fertile valley rich with volcanic soil, this blend of organic alfalfa, barley, wheat grass, moringa and oat grass is made with a patented cold-drying system that preserves crucial phytonutrients. Ormus Super Greens also delivers a healthy dose of probiotics to aid in the digestion of nutrients.
  • MAGNESIUM - is known as a beauty mineral, calming nerves and soothing tense muscles associated with stress-related aging.
  • CBD - CBD is a cannabinoid that interacts with your natural receptors while inhibiting enzymes from breaking down naturally produced endocannabinoids; thus, enhancing the perfect homeostasis for your body
  • OMEGA 3 - Algae-derived DHA & EPA give your body the essential fatty acids it needs to stay moisturized internally and externally.
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