So what's with all this 80s stuff? Meet Vegan Vince

Immune Shield Bundle - Save 30%

You can do many things to keep your immune system at peak performance. Nutrition and exercise play a role in resisting disease. This bundle supplies the body with the nutrients your body needs to work optimally to help build your immune system.

  • IMMUNE SHIELD - Fight bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic pathogens with the power of ionic silver! At this size, silver interrupts these organisms’ metabolic reactions and inhibits cellular replication, preventing the spread of disease.
  • PROBIOTICS - The gut is a complex ecosystem of many microorganisms and can easily be thrown out of balance, wreaking havoc on the body. Replace bad bacteria with the good kind, to effectively heal leaky gut syndrome and improve mental clarity.
  • VITAMIN MINERAL RUSH- A liquid vitamin/mineral complex that comes entirely from raw plant sources loaded with phytonutrients, like fulvic acid, that deliver our plant-based mineral complex for increased absorbability.
  • ORMUS SUPER GREENS - Grown in a fertile valley rich with volcanic soil, this blend of organic alfalfa, barley, wheat grass, moringa and oat grass is made with a patented cold-drying system that preserves crucial phytonutrients. Our greens are also extremely high in superoxide dismutase, an anti-aging enzyme that promotes longevity
  • MAGNESIUM - is known as a beauty mineral, calming nerves and soothing tense muscles associated with stress-related aging.
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