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Joint Health Bundle - Save 20%

joint health bundle

It can be argued that joint health is necessary for total body health. How, you ask? It’s simple. Healthy joints allow us to move pain-free. Continuing to stay active has long been studied as a requirement for living a long, relatively pain-free life. Give your joints a leg up against wear and tear, pain and immobilization with the Joint Health Bundle.

  • COLLAGEN BUILDING PROTEIN PEPTIDES - Boost your production of collagen, a naturally occurring substance that lubricates tissue and joints.
  • OMEGA-3 - Algae-derived DHA & EPA give your body the essential fatty acids it needs to reduce inflammation and promote healthy joint, vision and brain health.
  • MAGNESIUM - This vital mineral helps maintain joint cartilage and comes with the added benefit of improving sleep, soothing sore muscles, and boosting brain and heart health.
  • LIQUID LIGHT - Plant-based fulvic acid mineral complex supports universal processes and works to naturally lower chronic joint pain.
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