So what's with all this 80s stuff? Meet Vegan Vince

Some of the best gifts start in the kitchen, from the meals to the tasty snacks to the conversations they create. Because the cook in your life has been good this year, get them the perfect gift, one they can actually use: clean, high-quality, single-source ingredients to turn their recipes into mm-mm-mazing

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What You Get

• Special Sunwarrior Gift Box
• 6 Products From our Harvest Collection
   • Beetroot Powder
   • Chia Seeds
   • Cocoa Powder
   • Coconut Milk Powder
   • Goji Berry Powder
   • Sea Salt

• Recipe card featuring your Harvest products

Only $69.97

$94 Retail Value

Organic Beetroot

High in nutrients and low in calories for natural food coloring and a sweet, earthy flavor to let recipes march to the beet of good health!

Organic Chia Seeds

Vegan egg substitute and powerful antioxidants and nutrients like omega-3 to take any recipe on its next adventure

Organic Cocoa

Add the smooth to smoothies, bliss to baking, and decadence anytime the recipe calls for a little extra amazing.

Organic Coconut Milk

Shelf-stable for creamy desserts, soups, and curries, turning ordinary into spectacular.

Organic Goji Berry

Perk up your pancakes, add the sublime to your smoothies, taste the difference in tea, and sprinkle everywhere life needs a little nutritious sweetening and fun fruity nutrition!

Ancient Sea Salt

Magnify the natural flavors of all your favorite foods with either a sprinkle or a scoop.

Hurry and take advantage of the 10–15% savings while filling the kitchen of your favorite baker or cook with light, energy, and love.

Available for a limited time while quantities last.

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