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Mint Chocolate Collagen Bundle - Save 15%

mint chocolate collagen bundle easy chocolate mint nice cream

In the Chocolate Mint Bundle, chocolate fudge protein meets a minty mix of organic greens, delivering plant-derived protein and nature’s best nutrients with every serving! Step up your post-workout routine to the level of smoothie pro with this dynamic duo. Your body and your taste buds will thank you!

  • CHOCOLATE FUDGE COLLAGEN BUILDING PROTEIN PEPTIDES - Boost your production of collagen, a naturally occurring substance that lubricates tissue and joints, delays the natural aging process and seals the lining of the small intestine to heal or prevent leaky gut syndrome.
  • MINT ORMUS SUPER GREENS - Grown in a fertile valley rich with volcanic soil, this blend of organic alfalfa, barley, wheat grass, moringa and oat grass is made with a patented cold-drying system that preserves crucial phytonutrients. The ultimate smoothie add-in, this blend adds the cooling flavor of natural peppermint and the benefit of live, raw and bio-available compounds.
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