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Healthy Chickpea Blondies

Be surprised with healthy blondies. The surprise is the secret ingredient, but since it’s listed in the title, it isn’t that secret, but still good!

Sometimes things surprise you. Take Talia Pollock, the energetic host of Party in My Plants, as an example. She’s bouncing off the walls with uncontainable excitement, but she also manages to be informative, helpful, and capable of making healthy eating approachable and simple. Her healthy blondies will surprise you, too. They’re so much more than brownies with highlights. Talia turns a delicious dessert into a delicious dessert high in protein. The secret is a can of chickpeas. See, surprise!

Shhh! You can keep it a secret! These blondies will fool your taste buds and anyone else’s taste buds you want to share them with. We’re talking kids, parents, friends, family, loved ones, enemies, frenemies, and more. No one will guess the secret. But their bodies will feel the difference, because this dessert won’t spike blood sugars and bring on the inevitable crash that comes from sweets. They also satisfy without expanding that waistline.

Healthy Chickpea Blondies

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