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Gingerbread Cookie Protein Balls

When the craving for gingerbread hits, give in without guilt with these amazing gingerbread cookie protein balls!

Internet superstar, comedian, plant-based chef, and health coach Talia Pollock from Party in my Plants is here to get you amped up for the HO HO HOLIDAYS!! Nothing says holidays like gingerbread cookies, but in her typical style, she’ll be making a variation of this treat that won’t add inches to your waistline just before you have to start thinking about resolutions. Talia has a delicious gingerbread protein ball to remove any guilt in this festive indulgence. These super healthy snacks are easy to make, and they easily satisfy that craving you (heck, all of us) are having. Get ready for energy, focus, and strength while fitting fabulously into your ugly Christmas sweater.

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