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PB&J Superfood Smoothie with Hello Alice

Hello Alice! It’s time for another smoothie, but let’s turn back the clocks to an age of swanky good times and iconic fashion for this PB&J smoothie recipe!

Pull up to the drive in and let Alice whip you up something in her blender. She’s a smoothie gal, so you know it’ll be healthy and delicious. Today, you get to enjoy a PB&J, the sandwich that just about everyone loves. That’s right; Alice is combining the childlike wonder of your first peanut butter and jelly into an adult version you can sip at without judgement.

To go from sandwich to smoothie isn’t too complicated. It also doesn’t involve just tossing one in the blender. Start with peanut butter, of course. You can also use other nut butters here. Choose your favorite! Strawberries and blueberries come together to take care of the jelly portion of this smoothie. They’re sweet, colorful, rich in antioxidants, and they smell like spring. Use frozen ones for a cooler, thicker, more refreshing beverage.

Now on to the superfoods! Chia seeds create some of the jelly texture you want, plus they’re energizing with healthy fats and the best mix of soluble and insoluble fiber. Spinach, camu camu, and Sunwarrior’s Liquid Light add vitamins and minerals to make this recipe extra healthy. Shhh, no one will know they’re there once you blend. Classic vanilla protein boosts the protein level and the creaminess. Honey brings more of that sweetness. If you still need some greens, we’ve got you covered with Supergreens. Slip on that soft top, pop the clutch, and see what your blender can handle. Man oh man, it’s smoking, in a good way. Enjoy!

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