So what's with all this 80s stuff? Meet Vegan Vince


One of the strongest benefits of the living foods lifestyle was the great increase in mental clarity that I experienced soon after eating a high-raw diet. My mind was calmer and I could focus intensely on someone's words or something I was reading. My scattered thoughts became centered and steady.

I suddenly became intent on constantly improving my mind with reading and listening to audiobooks and recorded lectures. All of a sudden, I wanted to learn. Never before had I experienced such a passion for knowledge. Learning simply for the joy of learning...not to impress professors or parents, or to earn good grades in school like before.

My mind was now fueled by pure foods—clean and living foods. Our brain is obviously a part of our body and it functions on the fuel we give it. If I were to quit my modeling career today, I would NEVER give up eating living foods, simply for the mental clarity that it provides me.

If you can, eat a diet high in raw foods for two weeks, then eat a highly processed cooked meal again. That was my greatest teacher. I could now tell the difference.

I felt as though this was the way we were originally SUPPOSED to feel, and that the modern diet had dulled our mental capacities to the point where most people simply desired TV and entertaining movies whenever some free time was available.

When nutrition is increased, so are the abilities of the brain. It all boils down to remineralizing and reactivating our minds. Visit for some mind-stimulating interviews about this and more.

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