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Top 10 Benefits Of Raw Food

Everyone discovers raw food for different reasons. Some for health reasons or weight loss, others for improved energy or clearer skin. The benefits go on and on. Since our goals and intentions are all different, we have all experienced different benefits, therefore having a unique appreciation for how it has improved our lives. I wanted to share with you my top 10 benefits for going raw, as raw food has really been the catalyst for so many new and amazing things in my life. To be honest, it really has shaped and changed my entire being, to the point where B.R. (“before raw” for short) seems like another lifetime. So here are my 10 top benefits for going raw, in no particular order:

1. Weight Loss

I think we all knew this one was coming. After losing over 200 lbs, and going from a size 58 jeans, and a 5X shirt (that means 5 times Extra Large), I would say everything about my entire being is grateful for all that this transition has done for me. I once was at a point of only being able to shop at one store in town, and even then I was at the max that their sizes offered. Now thanks to “going raw” I can choose to shop anywhere, and have the freedom to be able to fit in a normal size chair, or just purchase one airline seat ticket instead of two. Thanks veggies!

2. Mental Clarity

After removing pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, chemicals, dyes, and poisons from my body (basically processed food), I have found that my brain works faster than ever. You could imagine how that has improved my communications with others, business skills, public speaking, and even just working on the computer like I am right now. Multi-tasking has never been so easy, even my Macbook thanks you.

3. Improved Skin

Many people are shocked when they realize I lost over 200 lbs (nearly 100 kilos), but my skin still looks so good. I have met many people who have lost the same amount of weight from surgery, and are dealing with 6 inchs of skin hanging from under their arms, and other places, and are having a hard time dealing with it. I attribute it all to the healing power of fruits and vegetables, and of course the main supplement I use on a daily basis, MSM.

4. Improved Health

This for me goes without saying, and for most people as well. The health benefits of raw are one of the first things you feel, often within the first couple days of improving your diet. I started to immediately experience improved breathing and super amounts of energy, while leaving behind painful rashes and gastric reflux. Honestly, the list goes on and on.

5. Improved Spirituality

A changing of religion… this might not be for everyone, and some it might even seem scary to read, but I experienced such a dramatic shift in my connection with God, or the divine, that for me it was undeniable. My connection now is stronger than ever, and my life’s purpose has a new and beautiful meaning.

6. Better Sex

I’m sure all eyes went to this benefit. Let’s be honest, even if you are Don Juan, or a Tantra expert, everyone enjoys better sex. Not only am I smaller, therefore making positions easier to be in, but my last-ability and drive has reached totally new heights. Yup, its been fun!

7. Deeper Connections

For the first time in my life I started to really learn what it meant to love and accept myself. And by loving and accepting myself, I found that I loved and accepted others more too. Not only that, I felt my value for the first time, and that became such a useful tool in connecting with others. Just from the simple action of being able to stare into someones eyes and be present while they were talking to me, feeling I was worth their attention, made such a huge difference.

8. Improved Confidence

I went from being a guy who would hide in his room watching 12 hours of movies per day on the weekends, and watching other people live their lives, to someone who loves being around people, new experiencing, and loves a good challenge. Facing my fears has become a game for me now, whether that’s public speaking, feeling confident in a business deal, or just approaching someone of the opposite sex. Confidence improves every area of our lives.

9. Changed Occupation

After working 11 years at the same 9-5 job, and appreciating the comfort and security in that, I decided to shift gears and really pursue my passion. I left it all behind to dive into my life’s purpose of spreading the good news, and helping others. This I can say was one of the biggest moves in my life, but let me tell you, feels so rewarding now that I have seen the effects that this change has made on other people.

10. Re-discovering My Limitlessness

I was the master at defining my limits before raw. I had all my “stories” of how I couldn’t do things, couldn’t go places, and a laundry list of fears I wouldn’t dare touch. After going raw I saw all of that fade away. Sure, it took work, but once I got into the groove of removing all the limitations from my mind, reprogramming myself, and remembering my divinity, a new world I never knew opened up for me. I realized that I was truly creating my own reality, and all the beauty contained therein. So there you go, as open and honest as I can be. Now I’d love to know your # 1 top benefit for going raw. Email me 100 words or less to: Keep shining, Philip McCluskey
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