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Mighty Minerals are Vital to Your Good Health

mighty_minerals_are_vital_to_your_good_health_imageMinerals are great detoxifiers. They neutralize poisons, toxins, and wastes in your system. They purify the blood and help eliminate heavy metals from the system.

Minerals calm your nerves and vitalize your body. They balance your emotions by nourishing your glands, strengthen your nerves and relieve stress, help you keep a full head of hair, and can actually turn back the clock so you look radiant and young!

Most people don’t know just how important minerals are, but our entire body depends upon those precious little sparks of life. Your cells cannot build, repair, or regenerate without these essential, near magical nutrients. Minerals repair your tissues and bones; give your body firmness, form, and grace; and help your body ward off disease and germs so you live longer and feel better.

Minerals are also important to your glands. Your glands regulate metabolism. This means minerals are critical to healthy weight loss.

Your glands also aid in digestion, mental activity, and every other bodily function. Because your brain depends upon minerals, even your personality is affected by the mineralization or lack thereof in your body!

Minerals also influence your emotions through hormones. Hormones are secreted by different glands, and minerals are required to nourish and stimulate these glands. Commands from the brain and nervous system rely on our glands.

learn_new_information_quickly_remember_things_longer_imageWhen your brain is sufficiently nourished, it functions properly. You’re able to learn new information quickly and remember things longer. When it is not, the brain performs sluggishly and we forget or lose concentration easily.

Mineral-rich foods supply your body with the chemical and electrical forces it desperately wants and needs as each cell generates energy. This animates your whole life. Proper mineral nutrition will improve every aspect of your life, from energy levels to personality. Minerals give the body the necessary building blocks to balance emotions and energize every cell, creating a vital, magnetic personality that will draw love and friendship along with health.

Having the correct minerals in your diet lets you live longer, feel better, and truly be smarter.

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