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Godliness of Water

Without water, there is no life. Humans can only survive for a few days without consuming this nectar of the Gods. Much of this liquid nourishment comes from the food we eat. The most water-rich foods — and therefore the most healthy — are plant-based, organic and raw. With their electromagnetic ionic charges, the juices extracted from fresh, vegan fare fulfills the need for hydration while supplying high-level nutrition. Water constitutes a significant portion of the body mass in every living thing. It is so central to our physical and spiritual needs that to ignore the importance of water may cause disaster — both personally and globally.If wars have been fought over oil — a substance that we merely invented a need for — what are we willing to do for access to that which makes all life possible? In this century, this question will manifest into reality, becoming a critical factor in international affairs. It is important we all realize that water is a sacred substance. After all, each of us resided in water in our mothers’ wombs for nine months. Unfortunately, many of us consider H2O an abundant substance that does not deserve respect.In many indigenous cultures, water is a carrier of disease. For this reason, “Civilized Man,” began assaulting water’s potential microbes with deadly, man-made chemicals. This resulted in a myriad of new problems rooted in this extraordinary elixir. Cancer and many other illnesses are directly connected to the fluoride, chlorine and chemical debris that float within drinking water. As far back as 1990, the United States Environmental Protection Agency concluded that chemicals such as fluoride, which is an aluminum industry byproduct, and intentionally placed in municipal water systems, causes tumor growth. Chlorine (another intentional additive) is far from harmless. It has been directly linked to the risk of miscarriage, birth defects, and weakening of the immune system. The average public water supply contains a minimum of 27 different chemicals. Pharmaceutical drugs, including steroids, insect repellents, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides, as well as many more organic and inorganic chemicals, reside not only in municipal water, but in Earth’s waters. Contamination isn’t only a concern when drinking; bathing and showering in this toxic stew allows even more of these vile substances through your skin.Globally, our aquatic ecosystems are slowly but surely being destroyed by man-made chemicals. Our greed and carelessness also cause weatherrelated disorder. The idea that we can pour pollution into our water and air and then simply “strain it out” is absurd. Such thinking must be abandoned. Nearly every lake, river, stream and pond in Europe and North America contain mercury. We must immediately begin to treat water with the same respect that we aspire to be treated with.How can we deny that water possesses character and energy? When observing waves crashing on the shore or whirlpools that dot rivers, brooks and streams, we see that the power of water is tremendous. This wondrous substance has the potential to stir us, calm us, frighten us or awaken us. Water is the primal element we all spring from and ultimately return to, as we break apart and become part of Earth’s great system of water.Much of the oxygen we need comes from water — another reason we should drink copious amounts. Surprisingly, an average daily intake of water for an adult contains approximately three times as many molecules of oxygen as are consumed through respiratory metabolism.A person who is not living in an arid climate and/or active in the outdoors should consume a minimum of 1/2 ounce per pound of body weight per day. For very active individuals, and those residing in the desert, more is required.Water not only hydrates our trillions of cells, it helps to clear our bodies of toxins and is the most effective lubricant and carrier of bio-electric energy. Even our bones are made up of 40% water. Dehydration can actually provoke death. All we have to do to see the power that water has over us is to avoid drinking for a full day.The molecular structure of water is also of great interest. Stagnation (lack of movement) and chemical manipulation cause the molecules to become disorganized. This disorganization creates friction when the cell is attempting to absorb water, interrupting hydration. When our cells lack hydration, dysfunction occurs.Many humans throughout history have understood the central need for H2O. It is used to baptize newborns and some cultures send elders off in boats to the “Aqua Yonder.” Nothing is more calming than staring at the ripples in the lake or even a contemplation pond. Water respects people so much that it manifests our images as we gaze through the transparent liquid. Swimming in clean water has proven to be the only exercise that utilizes every muscle in complete coordination with all parts of the brain. Therapeutically, it calms the muscles, releases pain, and activates the lymphatic system and bloodstream. Cleansing our bodies of the many ounces of waste that leave through our skin each day is possibly the second most important function of water. When we choose the purest water, our bodies hydrate, function, and excrete at maximum levels. There is actually a well-established science surrounding the therapeutic benefits of bathing in healing waters, including mineral springs, jacuzzis and hot tubs. The health of our water is the health of our species.Allow yourself to rekindle a healthy and balanced relationship with water, our second most important element only trumped by oxygen. When you learn to utilize this phenomenal gift in a kind and respectful way, you will gain the benefits that it is here to offer.Learn more about Dr. Brian Clement

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