Is Coconut Oil Good for Skin?

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Coconut oil is a unique substance, a plant-based oil that is solid and white at room temperature, but melts into a clear oil with just a couple degrees of warmth. Coconut oil contain saturated fats, but most of these are in the form of medium chain triglycerides, short segments of healthy fats that the body seriously loves, uses for quick energy, and doesn’t store. In fact this saturated fat actually speeds up metabolism. This makes this delicious tasting and smelling oil a great supplement to any diet whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or just have more energy throughout the day.

Coconut oil has a million uses. We’ve outlined 50 of what we think are the best uses for coconut oil, but today we want to focus in on skin. The skin is our largest organ and it relies on our pores, sweat, and oil glands to stay cool, hydrated, and clean. So how does coconut oil come into play?

Coconut oil is very good at hydrating skin. It sinks in deep, conditions, moisturizes, and softens skin. It isn’t pumped full of water or petroleum byproducts like many commercial cleansers or lotions either. Skin is kept clean by an oily substance called sebum. When sebum mixes with too much dirt, bacteria, and dead skin cells it can clog pores and lead to acne and other blemishes. Coconut oil naturally clears away dirt, grime, and dead skin cells. It even has some antibacterial properties, killing off harmful bacteria.

Coconut oil is the all-in-one natural solution to all your skin problems. It soothes bug bites, speeds healing, helps with rashes, gets rid of flaking skin, softens and shrinks wrinkles, protects against sun damage, keeps tans longer, acts as an antioxidant to prevent cellular aging, and so much more. It removes makeup easily and even makes the perfect massage oil.

Make sure you pick up organic, pure, extra virgin coconut oil and start small. Allergies are extremely rare, but test how you feel with it on a small bit of your skin and then move up from there. Use it in your cooking too; the beneficial fats work internally to fight inflammation, hydrate, and nourish cells too.

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  • Hi, I'm a 18 yr girl.I used many natural home remedies like baking soda,lemon, olive oil, aloe Vera,etc., for face to get rid pimples and pimple marks and all.but no use.and also my forehead is so darker than my other parts of face and I have dark to get rid of these pls help me.i lose confidence when I saw my face on the mirror plss suggest me the best

  • Hi, I have oily skin and I'm not sure whether I should use coconut oil or if I should mix it with Jojoba oil just use the jojoba oil by its-self.. If I should use coconut oil, when should I use it? Many thanks.

  • I have just started using coconut oil and iam in love, feels so nice on my skin and learning about all the ways we can use it is just great. so thank you for your article. :D

  • I want to lighten my complexion using a natural oil. Please suggest me an affordable option.I've heard that coconut oil make you darker.I just want to get rid of tan and have a bright complexion.
    Thank you

  • Hi, I am a 24 year old girl from India. I wanted to know whether coconut oil will darken my skin. I am not very fair and I don't want to darken it further. I would also like to know whether if it stimulates facial hair growth. If yes, please suggest me other natural moisturisers. Natural butters and jojoba oil and all are pricey here. I would like to know about cheaper options as I don't earn and is living with my family.
    Thank you

    • In reply to Sabeedha's comment

      Hi dear, I've read a book called Coconut Cures by Bruce Fife, so I know a thing or two about coconut oil. Firstly, coconut oil acts as a natural suncream. It'll protect you from sunburn but has the possibility of making your skin a bit darker in the long term. Secondly, I used it before as facial moisturizer and it won't stimulate the hair growing on your face. Yet be careful with putting it on your face cause for me, it didn't help at all for curing acne and instead I broke out more. My skin type is combination(only the T area is oily) and sensitive. Keep in mind that coconut oil has countless functions and benefits, you can even apply it to a new wound. Yet, as for skin, it's not suitable for everyone. If you're gonna buy, make sure it's virgin, organic and cold-pressed. Never buy refined ones though they tend to be cheaper, and Nutiva is meant to be a good brand.

  • I am suffering from severe ichthyosis vulgaris... Can you suggest me anything?is coconut oil effective for this??

  • Hi Charlie..I'm from India. I'm suffering from extreme dry,scaly and flaky looks really very bad.. I cant even wear skirts or shorts.. It makes me depressed.. I am having very low esteem..can you please suggest me something that would work for me..its urgent please

    • Hi Falguni,
      I have the same skin condition as you do on my legs too so wearing skirts sometimes is uncomfortable but don't let it depress you. there are a thousand and one reasons to love yourself. dont let that one minor thing get you down. i have learned to deal with it over the years. you might also want to pay attention to the soap that you use too. also i use shea butter and intense rehydration creams like spectro and coritzone creams as it can get really itchy as well as coconut oil. Keep your head up Falguni.

    • Moderator

      Coconut oil is worth a try. I think you should try applying it right after you bathe or shower to lock in the moisture. Eat healthy fats, like nuts, seeds, and coconut oil. Make sure you are getting enough protein. And focus on being happy with who you are, even with the skin. You are amazing and priceless as you are. Remember that.

    • Thank you so much Charlie

    • In reply to Falguni's comment

      am trying to be satisfied and happy as u said. And yeah I would love to give it a try as u suggested..thank you :)

  • Hi? How long does the coconut oil take to work or for you to c a difference?

    • Moderator

      In reply to Shannon's comment

      This really depends on your skin, its needs, and your reaction. Sorry, but I can't really be more specific than that. Most people see a difference in a couple weeks, but not everyone takes that long and some take longer.

  • Hey, kind of an embarrassing question but can I use this under my foreskin to help heal the cracks?

    PLEASE, this is really urgent.

  • Hi I'm 16 years old and have oily skin but recently my forehead area is becoming very dry and I have starting getting wrinkles which is making my skin look very unpleasant is there any solutions you could give me to stop this and help me get healthier skin. I was thinking of applying coconut oil but I have seen that it has caused facial hair for many people and I don't wanna take the risk. Also is there any suggestion of vitamins I could be taking? I would really appreciate if you could help me thank you :)

    • Moderator

      In reply to Tay's comment

      Jojoba oil is a good option if you are worried about coconut oil. Vitamin C, protein, and healthy fats are all vital to healthy skin, so make sure you are eating good foods rich in these like fruits, vegetables, greens, nuts, and seeds. It's also normal for your skin to be oily or dry as you make the transition through puberty, so be patient. Good luck!

  • Kind of an embarrassing question. Would coconut oil be ok on private areas to help with dry itchy skin?

  • I use coconut oil on my face, does it matter if it's organic or "virgin" organic? Is either just as good as the other?

  • Hello, just had a question here... What kind or name brand coconut oil would you use for vilitigo? Or as long it's organic extra virgin coconut oil, because I don't know which one to buy. Would like an answer about this, so I know which one to buy . Thanks

  • I used coconut oil on my skin as it is constantly itchy with eczema and dermatitis. I used the coconut oil before bed and when I woke up I had burning hives everywhere I put the oil. Am I allergic? Or is this toxin release die-off symptoms?

  • hi i started using CO since a week ago..i was happy with results...but then i found that derz a sudden hairgrowth on my face and i was really scared..i thot to stop it and as after i stopped i am attacked wid pimples...actly alot of pimples on my cheeks forehead....i donno wt to doplz some1 reply

    • Moderator

      In reply to Elinakhan's comment

      I know men sometimes use coconut oil to increase facial hair. Normally it doesn't do much more than improve the follicle health, but I have heard some people complain about darker facial hair, especially from women with darker skin tones. I'm not completely sure why, sorry. I would stop using it on your face and switch to another facial moisturizer. Lemon and honey can help lighten facial hair. Good luck, Elina.

  • I go swimming at a chlorine pool 3 times a week and my skin gets very dry after. I have heard that coconut oil helps, but when do I apply it? before, after, or both??

  • I go swimming 3 times a week in a chlorine pool and my skin gets very dry when I get out. I've heard coconut oil helps, but when do I apply it? before I go in, or after, or both?

    • Moderator

      In reply to Jan's comment

      Yes. :) I'd experiment with both of those options. I would try before and see if it helps keep your skin from drying out. Then I would try it after and see how well it rehydrates. Then I would choose the best one from there, or a combination of the two.

  • I got a burnt because of using toothpste on my face below the lip .. it also gets dry there and a scar looks like a hell ..plz help ..

  • Ive just started using coconut oil on my face and after a week, im not sure whether i should continue
    Because my cheeks feel SO dry - and its a deep set dry. If i apply a bit of pressure with my finger, its SO dry. Should i continue or rather go back to my night cream?

    Tks so much

    • In reply to Susan's comment

      You really need to give it a couple weeks for your skin to adjust, but coconut oil can have a drying effect on some people. If it continues after a two or three weeks, then you should switch to another oil. Jojoba oil is more similar to our natural sebum, so I always suggest that one for those who can't use coconut. Hope that helps, Susan.

  • Charlie what kind of coconut oil can be taken by mouth? How much how often? Do others experience weight loss? Thanks!

    • Moderator

      In reply to Gladys's comment

      Extra virgin coconut oil is best. Some people do experience weight loss, but some experience weight gain. It is a lot of calories. It really depends on your body and what your body is looking for.

  • Is it possible that coconutoil makes the hair on your body grow faster also?
    I eat it with a spoon, use it on my body and hair. And I`m a bit afraid that this is the reason for sudden hair growth.

    • In reply to Connie's comment

      Hi, I got a 4 months albino baby can I use a pure coconut oil on her skin?

    • Moderator

      In reply to sneh's comment

      Most likely you can, but you need to make sure she isn't allergic before you go rubbing it all over her just yet. Start with a tiny area and apply the smallest amount, like just residue on your fingertip. See how her skin reacts for a couple days before continuing. If you notice any rash, redness, or other signs of allergic reaction, stop immediately and take her to a doctor.

    • Moderator

      In reply to Connie's comment

      It really shouldn't make hair grow faster or thicker, other than nourishing the hair follicles to some degree, but everyone responds differently. Try cutting back and see what happens.

    • Hi Charlie, I have a 4months albino baby, can I use a pure coconut oil on her skin or what can u recommend?

    • So, you mean that if it has happened, it can reverse?
      I can´t understand how hair that has appeared on the face and body suddenly can disappear again after cutting back..

    • Moderator

      In reply to Connie's comment

      Sometimes, Connie. Hair growth can be hormonal or tied to weight gain and changing those can reverse the hair growth. You may want to talk to your doctor, as sudden hair growth can also be tied to other problems.

  • Hi,

    Hopefully this site still gets replies because I'm quite new to this routine of coconut oil. I've been applying it on my face twice a day for almost a week; and I'm wondering, how long does it take to work up on the skin?

    I have a lot of acne scars and blemishes on my face (scars that have resulted in picking at pimples.. oops..). I do know that coconut oil focuses on cleaning the dirt and preventing pimples, but does the oil help *fade* the scars even if I have not too dry or oily skin? I'm really really hoping coconut oil does cure things like these because I've tried everything for about two years, and nothing seemed to have worked; and I'm completely desperate for this to work.. i hope someone reads this!

    Thank you anyone for the help!

    • In reply to Ronnie's comment

      I've recently discovered They have many different peels that you can sample for cheap. I have a mandelic/salicylic peel that was $9 and lasts forever. I use it once a week. The peel works best when used with Mandelic acid serum. They also have other options. I'm an African American female and mandelic acid is best for my skin. Think you should take a look at the site. Also I do a brown sugar, honey, lemon, and coconut oil scrub everyday and I let it stay on for 20 minutes

    • Moderator

      In reply to Ronnie's comment

      Coconut oil can help with scars. I recommend massaging them really well while you apply it to help break up the scar tissue. Lemon, honey, and tea tree oil are a few other things to try as they can also help heal and break up scar tissue. Good luck!

    • Thank you for the tip!! How long do you reckon the oil will work up on my face and hopefully I'll see some changes in the scars and pimples?

    • Moderator

      In reply to Rish's comment

      I'd give it at least a month before you decide if it is helping or not. It takes a couple weeks to get used to the oil and then that leaves you a couple to look for improvements. You can definitely go longer if you want.

  • I just got back from vacation & being in the sun for about 4 days straight. My shoulders are peeling & also my arms which is weird because my arms never peel. My legs are also very dry. Along with my whole body. I have coconut oil. How do I use it to help with these problems?

    • Moderator

      In reply to Carlee's comment

      Once you start peeling, it may be too late to save your tan, but you can try. Apply coconut oil to the areas before or after a shower, once or twice a day. Rub it in well. Hope it helps.

  • I have extremely dry flaky skin as a result of my eczema I have tried using coconut oil as a moisterizer but it doesnt seem to reach beneath the surface and my skin goes right back dry I've even tried using it direct ly after a bath but to no avail what can I do my skin is extremely dry and cracked I also developed viginal fissure s help please please.

    • Moderator

      Coconut oil can have a drying effect on some people. You can try mixing it with other oils that may help your skin retain moisture, like jojoba, olive, or almond oils. It can take several weeks for your skin to get used to the changes in oil too. Give it some time and see. Goof luck!

  • I recommend you to use Hailey’s Virgin Coconut Oil Jelly for a hassle free use of Coconut Oil. It stays longer in the skin than the normal Coconut Oil, making the anti bacterial properties of it work longer on the affected part. Available on the drugstores in the Philippines. If you have inquiries, please text 09421868426 or leave a message at our fanpage here Thank you!

  • am apply coconut oil for my dry skin , it make skin darker or lighter tone ?

    • Moderator

      In reply to jancy's comment

      If you apply it after sun, then it is more likely to darken it slowly. If you apply it before sun, it is more likely to lighten it slowly.

  • Hi I am an Indian girl of 20 ,I wanna noe as many ppl says is applying vo cut oil on skin results in weight gain sir ??I noe it's a stupid question bt am concerned about this

  • I hyperkeratosis on one of my legs. It is very hard and dry with scales. It looks likes leprosy.
    Will coconut oil have any benefit for this condition.

    • Moderator

      In reply to rocco lane's comment

      Coconut oil works with so many other skin problems that it's worth a try. I have no idea if it will help with this one, but I'll be hoping for you. Let us know.

  • I bought virgin coconut oil but it doesn't have "extra" nor "organic" attached with it. Will it work the same with those variety? Or should I look for those extra or organic coconut oils? I intend it to use on my face and oil pulling. Will that work?

  • I was laying out in the sun and my face got pretty burnt. I'm peeling around my nose and cheeks. What will be best to help relieve the peeling and how to use it?

    • Moderator

      In reply to Olivia's comment

      I think coconut oil is worth a try. It keeps me from peeling, and I always peel. I can't seem to keep a tan to save my soul. Aloe is always a good idea too. I just rub them in a couple times a day.

  • Hi there.

    Is it true that coconut oil will make your skin darker if it is exposed to sun light.
    For example, say I put some on my face and then go outside. Thanks.

    • Moderator

      It can make your skin darker, but only because it acts as a mild sunscreen. This means you still get sun and then it protects your tan. If you are only getting minor exposure, then it can actually lighten skin. So it really depends on you, your skin tone to begin with, your exposure, and what other skin protection products you're using. Coconut oil shouldn't replace sunblock.

    • pls.aplyin coconut oil at day time, then apply a bleachin cream at night, can it protect u from sunburn?

    • Moderator

      In reply to victus's comment

      No, victus, coconut oil is only a mild sunscreen and not enough to protect you, especially as many bleaching creams make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

  • Hi..i want to start using parachute coconut oil for my they are dark and have blackheads. Is it good if i use that? and how do i start using it?

    • Moderator

      In reply to oliver's comment

      You can certainly use it there. I'd rub a small amount in right after a bath or shower and see how it works for you over the course of a couple weeks.

  • Is pure organic unrefined coconut oil safe for color treated hair? Does it cause color to fade faster?

    • Moderator

      It can actually make it fade faster. Coconut oil is great for getting back to your natural color while conditioning your hair more than ever, but not so great if you want to keep the color you have now. Sorry.

  • Hi can I use parachute coconut oil fa mah face I got sunburns to mah cheeks ?

  • Hi, i’m Nigerian, caramel-skinned :) …..i had acne issues(eczema to be precise), like little yellow patches on my face since i was 13….i’m now 17 still the same or even worse :( . I used cocnut oil for about 2 weeks, i noticed a change in my skin color, my face got flaky and really light, was scared cus it looked like the yellow patches had joined and thats what gave my face the light tone., my only skin color was around my eye circle, that was the only place that didnt turn light…so i then had two different colors on my face ;(
    It got dryer than before and oiler when i wake up in the morning. I also noticed my facial hair became more noticeable..although it made my lashes and eyebrow thicker and silkier….My face became more sensitive, even the tiniest pimple which didnt hurt on a regular basis began to hurt the more. Then i stopped using coconut oil and my skin is no more flaky and less sensitive than before and the light places seem to even out with the dark places.
    Now my question is this….
    1) i read in this thread that coconut oil doesnt affect facial hairs but why is it affecting mine?
    2) u also said that co restores the skin color….does that mean its restoring my complexion, cus i was light when i was a child
    3) how will i know if the eczema is gone since my face is blending with the color? its like i have a whole new skin
    4) the change of color of my face from dark to light, is it healthy, normal, or natural cus im a bit scared about the changes my face is passing through.
    5) my dad had eczema once, so im wondering if its hereditary cus my siblings have had it too
    6) is it infectious or contagious cus the pharmacis i went to said that i could have infected my sister. She never had it but now she does. We share the same room, could i be the root to her problem?
    7) what other option is there for me to cure my eczema or should i just leave it to take over my face since thats what its already doing? :(
    Thanks. by the way nice post :)


    • Moderator

      In reply to Hannah's comment

      Awesome questions, Hannah.

      1) Coconut oil shouldn't affect facial hair, but it can make the skin healthier, which I suppose may cause the hair to appear thicker and fuller. It can also hydrate hair, making it appear darker, but this should be temporary and go away when you stop using coconut oil on your face.

      2, 3 & 4) It may help lighten skin, but it shouldn't be as drastic as you described. Our skin tone can change throughout our lives as we're exposed to more or less sun and even the foods we eat can change our coloring to some degree. Depigmentation can happen sometimes too, as in vitiligo. You may need to see a dermatologist to figure out exactly what's happening to you.

      5 & 6) Eczema is not contagious, but it can run in families. Scientists don't know all the causes, but it can be a sign of similar allergies. There are some studies that link eczema to gut bacteria.

      7) You may want to add probiotics to your diet as this can help decrease allergies and improve digestion. Coconut oil can be eaten to help decrease the amount of bad bacteria at the same time. Coconut oil works well for eczema on the body, but not always on the face. You want the thinnest layer possible if you do use it on your face. It can also take a couple weeks for your skin to get used to the new oil level. This means more drying and oily moments during the transition. Baths with epsom salt or oats may help. Jojoba oil is a good choice too, especially if coconut oil continues to give you problems. I wish you luck!

  • Hi!

    What type of coconut oil I should use on my face?

    • Moderator

      In reply to Arlene's comment

      Any good quality, virgin, organic coconut oil should be fine, Arlene. :)

    • I have just read almost every question on here as well as your replies and I just wanted to say you are the sweetest thing ever. The fact that you took the time to respond to every single comment (even some that seemed funny to me) made my day.

    • Moderator

      In reply to Vanessa's comment

      Awww, thank you, Vanessa. It is what I do. I enjoy the funny ones too. They really bring out my creative side. It's awesome that you read most of them! I think there's more comments than article at this point. :)

  • Hi! I am a 23 year old girl.i have 2 lines of wrinkles under each of my eye.will Virgin coconut help to remove them?

    • Moderator

      In reply to Eshita's comment

      It may help you, Eshita.You won't really know until you've tried it for a few weeks.

    • hi kn i use CO face for moistorizer every time??it wont plug pores or any other bad influences???if i want to use it as a.moistorizer how to do it??

    • Moderator

      In reply to Nora's comment

      So glad it's been working for you, Nora. You can definitely eat it. I use it in place of butter and other oils in cooking. I have also added it to tea. I eat a small amount, about a half to a full tablespoon eat day. I feel more energetic and I have less muscle aches. You can also use it around your eyes.

    • Moderator

      In reply to Nora's comment

      Yes, in small amounts. I like to rub it on before a shower or bath. You can also rub it on at night and wipe off the excess with a cotton ball or pad before sleep.

    • and also ive heard its good for eye kn i stop my eye cream.n start usin CO around my eyes...??? U think its better than any other brands eye anti-aging wrinkle cream..???

    • Thank for your reply ive just started using it feels so good and no fry feels at all!how about eatin ive heard we kn put small.amounts in our tea or hot water....i wanna try.and how does affect to our health?? Does it have good benefit??

  • well, for me i prepare my own coconut oil myself. i must say since i started using it my oily face that wont allow my makeup last now stay all through the day, noticed my acne disappearing my skin looking good and my hair is really bouncing and also noticed my stretch mark disappearing

    but now i need your advice on how i can use it to burn out some belly fat. thanks.

    • Moderator

      In reply to Paulyn's comment

      Sounds great, Paulyn! I eat two spoonfuls a day to help with energy and weight loss, but you will have to be doing some exercise and watching your diet at the same time if you hope to really burn fat. Good luck!

  • Im new to coconut oil products and im going to buy the palmers coconut oil shampoo and conditioner very soon cause
    I need my hair to grow and also cause i have dandruffs in my hair that never leaves. But my question is what kind of coconut oil product can i use on my face. I have acne and bumps on my
    Face and blackheads. Can you please help

    • Moderator

      I would use pure virgin coconut oil, Victoria, but you can find soaps and lotions that contain it too. You have to go easy on it when applying it to your face as it can be a heavier oil that actually clogs pores in large amounts. I use it before I shower for that reason.

  • Hi Charlie, I started using extra virgin coconut oil about a year ago as moisturizer when I was pregnant I also use it on my hair and I love it.. my husband accidentally picked up a organic naturally refined coconut oil I just wanted to know if it's good on skin and hair like the extra virgin? What's the difference?

    • Moderator

      In reply to Lucy's comment

      Refined means it has been filtered, Lucy. Many people like refined coconut oil because it has less of a coconut flavor and scent. It works pretty well for cooking and supplies many, though not all, of the same benefits. You can also use it on your skin and hair. The natural refined oils avoid using as much heat and chemicals to do the filtering. You should be fine using it up and then picking an extra virgin one once it's gone.

    • Hi charlie i was wondering about the coconut organic oil im using which is amazing, what i want to ask is a question on weight loss which i can not afford to lose as im a size 8. so should i cut bacck a bit i take 3 teaspoon a day morn noon and eve but ive noticed weight loss, at same time i do not want to give up using the oil as it has great benefits for me both internal and external. what would be your recomendation on this. im taking the oil for over a month now.

      Thank you.

    • In reply to theresa's comment

      Hi Theresa, what kind of coconut oil do u take by spoonful? Or anyone that will answer. .. is it the same kind u put on your skin, ie one spoonful in your month, one then out of the same jar u put on your skin? Thanks!

    • Moderator

      In reply to theresa's comment

      If you are seeing some weight loss with it and you do not want to lose any more weight, I would definitely cut back some. It does tend to suppress appetite and raise energy levels. You can still use it externally just fine, but maybe drop a teaspoon each day. Good luck, Theresa.

    • Thank you so much!! I will do that.

  • I started using coconut oil last week. In some respects it seems to be healing my eczema, making it itch less, but it also seems to be drying out my skin? Is this common? Is it shedding the dry damaged skin before it moisturizes the new skin?

    • Moderator

      In reply to mike's comment

      It can happen, Mike. It takes a couple weeks for your skin to adjust to the new normal, so give it another week before you worry too much. If you continue to have dryer than you like skin, try jojoba oil. It more closely mimics your skin's natural oils.

  • My skin get thin and wrinkld after using melas ...i hv lost my skin elasticity dosnt glow now coco oil work

  • did coco oil is suitable for oily skin??

  • Hi Charlie.. I have puss like acne on my face and my scalp is oily but hairs are too dry.. is coconut oil good for my face and hairs?

    • Moderator

      In reply to Harsh's comment

      It usually is, Harsh. As long as you have no allergies to coconut, I'd say it is probably worth a try.

    • I don't have any allergy to coconut but my dermatologist suggests not to use any oil on face and hairs but I am not feeling any effective change following this routine even the conditions have become worst. Would you please tell me what routine I should follow.

    • Moderator

      In reply to Harsh's comment

      It's true, Harsh, that oils on your face can sometimes make things worse, but I've had good luck myself with coconut oil. I haven't heard of anyone having problems with using oil on their hair though. That's what most conditioners are built on. I apply it before I shower. That way it doesn't stay thick on your face or hair, just the thinnest of layers. It takes about two weeks before you know if it is working or not. Your skin has to have time to adjust to it. If coconut oil doesn't work for you, you may want to look at jojoba oil. This oil is very similar to sebum, our natural oil that our skin makes to clean and hydrate. Good luck.

    • I use coconut oil on my face faithfully every night before bed and have noticed a major softening in fine lines. I wash my face every morning and it still remains hydrated throughout the day thanks to the coconut oil absorbed throughout the night.

  • Hi I am having psoriasis and I need to constantly apply moisturisers. Please advise how I could go about using this coconut oil.

  • Hi i have suffered with eczema from when i was a baby it used to be all over my body but now it mainly affects my face i have tried alot of creams from the doctor and nothing seems to help i have also recently had dark marks and dry parches appear on my face and it doesnt seem to be fading but my mum recently purchased the perfectly pure pure coconut oil would this help to get rid of the dry patches and marks and how should i apply it.

    • Moderator

      In reply to Aliyah's comment

      It may help you, Aliyah. Some people with eczema respond to coconut oil and some do not. You really won't know until you've tried it for a couple weeks. I like to put it on just before I shower, that keeps it from laying on too thick throughout the day. Good luck!

    • True Charlie. I've been looking for natural cures to help my husband's eczema. Overall, it's gotten better since taking cod liver oil (I use Carlson's Norwegian, since it 's molecularly distilled....and just as good BUT CHEAPER, as Nordic Naturals). The eczema on his hand is always there. We tried coconut oil and it exasperated the rash. So, we now know he reacts to coconut. He's also allergic to aloe vera. These treatments are mostly good...but some will find they're body rejects it. Trust your body if any condition worsens after using new products (even organic).

      For me, I noticed that it does not worsen the milia under my eyes. I can't even use organic skin care from stores. I break out so easily...I'm a 48 year old woman.

      Hope this helps :o)

    • Moderator

      In reply to Kat's comment

      Thank you so much, Kat, for sharing your own experiences. It helps a lot for real people to share with real people. I wonder if you both would do better with jojoba oil? It's much closer to our natural sebum than coconut oil. Still, you never know. Glad you know how to listen to your body, very smart.

    • In reply to Kat's comment

      Sorry....THEIR...not they're. Grammar godzillas could be lurking ;)

    • Moderator

      In reply to Kat's comment

      Ha! I am not one to judge. When you type as many words as I do, you are bound to make mistakes, so I tend to forgive them more than most. :)

  • Hi

    I have red bumps on my arms and legs that are very prominent. I really want to get rid of them!!
    Will Extra Virgin coconut oil help cleaning them ?

    Please help !

    • Moderator

      In reply to Vinita's comment

      There is some good anecdotal evidence that keratosis pilaris can be helped with coconut oil, Vinita. I hope that it works for you. Try it on a small area at first to make sure you have no reaction to coconut oil. I'd suggest putting it on before you shower. Good luck!

  • what type of virgin coconut oil is the best for scar????? plz show the picture!!

  • Today i brought parachute coconut oil .how i can it use after birth or before birth in the body and hair and wet hair or dry hair.

    • Moderator

      I don't have much experience with Parachute brand, but I believe it is all natural, pure coconut oil. That means it should be fine to use topically and internally in small doses, before and after. I use it on dry hair, let it soak in for half an hour, and then shower like normal. I also take a small spoonful in the morning and sometimes at night. You can use it while cooking to add a little healthy fats to your meals too. Hope that helps.

  • Hello!
    I'm a 21 year old who works really hard, so I have super dry skin. Lotions don't help in the slightest, and even though they smell good, it doesn't help with the dryness or the itchiness. On my calves, I have that itchy, flaky, dry alligator/scaly skin. And even though I love my pet snake Freya, I don't want to look like her!
    Do you have any advice? I want to use coconut oil for my hair as a hair protector (from heat and stuff) and to make my hair soft, but also my skin. I love coconut anything basically, so I was just wondering if you can give me some tips and how to actually use coconut oil for more than just one thing?
    Thanks! (:


    • Moderator

      In reply to Samantha's comment

      Hi, Samantha. We don't want you looking like Freya. Here are many things you can do with coconut oil. I use it as a conditioner every couple weeks and I use it as a moisturizer too. You may also want to try jojoba if the coconut oil doesn't work. Jojoba is very similar to our bodies' natural moisturizer, sebum. You can also use a mix of coconut oil or coconut butter and jojoba. I hope that helps. Feel free to ask anything else if it doesn't. Good luck.

  • Hi-
    Was wondering if coconut oil would be better than Coco butter for stretch marks and the prevention of them? I know you can't completely avoid them during pregnancy but I want to take all the steps I can to at least try and minimize them.

    • Moderator

      In reply to Cheyenne's comment

      Hi, Cheyenne! I'd say that either one is pretty good. It all comes down to your preference. Cocoa butter tends to be a little thicker and tackier while coconut oil is more oily and slick. Go with what is comfortable for you.

  • I been using pure coconut oil on my skin , lips and hair, and it is really amazing.. my chemical treated dry hair becomes better, it cures my dry skin, my lips became lighter! just amazing.. I cannot stop using it

    • Moderator

      In reply to Jesa's comment

      Thank you, Jesa, for sharing how well it has worked for you. So glad to hear it!

    • In reply to Jesa's comment priya...I ve a query charlie..pls help me on that..I ve a chubby cheeks I love my cheeks a lot..after read your artical i would like to use coco my query is does the coconut oil reduce my chubbier so scared Charlie...shall I use coconut oil for my face..if your suggest is 'yes' then how to use that...pls hlp me on above query charlie...

      Thank you and love your artical

    • Moderator

      In reply to priya's comment

      Thank you, Priya. I doubt coconut oil would affect the chubbiness of your cheeks one way or another. I use it on my face only a couple times a week. I rub it on and then wipe it off with a cotton ball. That simple. Hope it helps you.

  • Hi Charles, thanks you for great information. I'm in love with all the advantages of coconut oil brings to us too. I really love coconut oil not because of its benefits but its fascinated smell also. I usually mix it with no sugar fresh milk and apply it onto my body as a bath shower milk. But I'm so confused about how could the applying of coconut oil into our body skin that makes the body hair growing faster as the way they work with our hair?

    • Moderator

      In reply to Sandy's comment

      Coconut oil nourishes the skin and the hair follicles. This doesn't really make hair grow much faster so much as it makes hair grow healthier. This means it should have very little effect on your body hair. Hope that helps, Sandy.

    • Do you have any thoughts on using coconut oil on dog with yeasty skin problems?

    • Moderator

      In reply to Debra's comment

      It could probably help some with this Debra. I give my dog the occasional spoonful to help his coat and improve immunity. I have also used it on minor wounds and to help his chronic ear infections. You can use it topically just fine. Good luck.

    • Hello charlie, i started using organic oil fewdays ago just for hair cond and skin cond but what i did notice was a lot of my sinus was clearing just great relief, now i wasnt taking it internal just using it on my face and chest area,i suffer with lung infections but found this was clearing a lot of infection just by applying external. i also suffer with meiners/vertigo so my question is can i pour the oil into my ear direct with a droplet. I heat the melt the oil in microwave just for a second hope this wont distroy the goodness.

  • Great Read! I personally love using extra virgin coconut oil. I use it in a lot of my products and can always rely on it to soften my hair and skin. I use Organic coconut oil and Shea butter to make a lavish body butter that gives me much relief from dry skin and eczema.

  • coconut oil got my skin dark after using it for a month,nice on my hair thou,did not like the effect it left on my skin,i prefer shea butter

    • Moderator

      In reply to success's comment

      It definitely does help retain color. I like it for that reason in my case, as I tend to burn easily and peel quickly. Coconut oil helps me not burn and not peel, but I admit not everyone will be happy with that outcome. Thank you!

  • Likewise, I have very oily skin which is acne prone yet coconut oil has made my skin soft and smooth,and no chemicals too! What a bonus. Anyone who has ever used it will agree.

    It sounds like Bryan may want to market the sale of other products.

  • will this help with acne and blemishes using I now and hoping that it doe not make it any worse???

  • I am an indian girl ...i have acne prone skin ... i also had an acne treatment but still pimples pop out .. i started doing this ocm and plus i scrub with baking soda and coco oil ... does coco oil makes skin dark and causes facial hair growth ??

    • Moderator

      In reply to Tanvi's comment

      Coconut oil helps retain tans, but does not darken skin on its own. It should not cause facial hair growth either, Tanvi.

  • Charlie, I've been using CO for about 2 years and the results are wonderful but....should we not use extra virgin unrefined cold pressed CO becaue of the high amout of lactic acid? Isn't it the lactic acid the main useful ingredient? Please advise

    Darlene Carter

  • Hi there my daughter who is 4 has had either hives
    Or an allergic reaction to something and I have tried all
    Kinds if creams and washes. But hasn't gone away it's been a week now
    He DR can't seem to tell me what's going on. So would coconut oil work
    To clear this up ?

    • In reply to Amanda's comment

      Did you recently get new carpet if so it could be the glue that's making her break out take baking soda and sprinkle on carpets leave for three days than vaccum up worked for my daughter rash hope this helps

    • Moderator

      In reply to Tina's comment

      Great tip, Tina! Thank you.

    • Moderator

      In reply to Amanda's comment

      Possibly, Amanda, but not for sure. It really is just too hard to know what kind of rash she has and there are hundreds of possibilities. I hope it does work, but you may have to do some further investigating to eliminate allergens and other causes or it might just come right back even coconut oil does help clear it up.

  • I notice there have been quite a few complimentary responses and I want to share my experience, although it's not strictly positive. To begin with, I am 35 weeks pregnant, so have quite a tummy on me at the moment! I've had a belly piercing for 14 years, which has never had more than a minor infection that cleared up within a day or two using soap and water. About a month ago, I knew it was time to get a bigger ring for pregnancy, but when I put it in, my piercing erupted with the worst infection I had ever seen and despite twice/day salt water baths, the infection persisted, so I finally took the ring out and let it heal. Now, I've been using coconut oil in my cooking and very occasionally as a hand cream for over a year, and when my belly infection healed, it left me with one hell of an ugly scar and some very course chapped skin. So I decided to try the coconut oil on the scar as a moisturiser. THAT has worked very well ~ the skin is soft again, and the scarring has even diminished a bit. How-ever, in the past couple of days, the skin on my belly around the belly button has broken out in a horrible allergic-looking rash, and itches like crazy. There's nothing else I've done outside the norm except for the coconut oil, so I'm wondering what's going on here and am just concerned whatever it is will harm the baby. Any ideas, lurkers? x

    • Moderator

      In reply to N.A.'s comment

      You may be slightly allergic to the coconut oil and just haven't had a reaction until you used it consistently on a sensitive area, like your stomach. Stop using it for a week or two and see if the rash clears up. Then try it again for a few days to see if you have a reaction again. Sometimes people are allergic to a combination of things, but not those things separately. So, you could have a reaction to coconut oil and your perfume or coconut oil and your friend's dog. Try eliminating other culprits. Stomach rashes (actually rashes all over the body) are also a common side effect of pregnancy. Many women get them. Most rashes, allergic or otherwise, don't pose any risk to the child, but you still may want to talk to your doctor if the rash doesn't clear up soon, just to be on the safe side.

    • Thanks very much! Actually saw the GP about it this morning & she didn't give me nearly as good advice as this. I have been using the oil in combination with my normal pregnancy belly oil, so perhaps that has something to do with it. Will leave off the coconut for a few days and see what happens. 'Preciate ya!

    • Moderator

      In reply to N.A.'s comment

      You are so welcome!

  • hi charlie, i applied pure coconut oil on my cracked feet for 2 times,it worked great , i hv been using some expensive lotion but it doest not healed. May i know , the pure or virgin coconut oil can apply for mouth ulcer???????


  • Hello Charlie - I trust you are well. I have never kept at something the way I have with co. Something is just not letting me stop. I started moisturising with CO at night about a month ago. I had originally brought a brand from planet organic called coco nova (cold pressed, Virgin organic) love what it did to my skin gave me such a dewy look. I have since changed the brand to one that was recommended for tropical use as of last Saturday I have switched to OCM. Anyway. I have had mild acne (comdones) from the age of 21 am now (29) I used been on the antibioctic and the creams to no avail. July 2013 I had a baby and all through my pregnancy up until April this year my skin was so clear have never had it this way. My only routine was face cleanser by dermologica. Since the ocm my skin looks lovely but close up around my chin and jaw I see small comedons and I know some sites claim that co is comedongenic but to be fair a lot of things can trigger your skin so I'm keeping at it. But my point is how long should I wait. Some people say it took them a few months for the sebum glands to correct themselves and then healed. But then shall I wait that long or change to hemp oil.. Sorry for the long winded message. I have faith in co but jut don't want it to get worse. Tbh my forehand has been cleared from the blackheads with co But my jaw and chin seem to be more to the surface. But to start with many years ago that was my problematic areas. Thanks in advance.

    • Moderator

      In reply to Kellie's comment

      Hi, Kellie. It does usually take a few weeks for your skin to adjust and adapt to the new oil. I also try to keep coconut oil to the barest minimum on my face. If you use too much it can lead to more clogged pores even if it does kill bacteria and reduce inflammation. If after 3 or 4 weeks, you are still having problems, then hemp or jojoba would be a good alternative to try out. I wish you a ton of luck.

  • The store near me sells refined or unrefined coconut oil which one would work best? Also I heard you can tan with coconut oil Is that true?

    • Moderator

      In reply to Stefanie's comment

      I am always a fan of unrefined, Stefanie. Coconut oil has some very minor sunblocking abilities and the antioxidants and anti-inflammatories help protect skin and retain tans longer, but you must be careful. You can still burn with coconut oil. Keep your sun exposure to short bursts of twenty minutes to half an hour or so instead of hours at a time.

  • Will 100% pure coconut oil work? It's Lou Ana brand

  • Hi there,
    Thanks for all the great information! Do you know if coconut oil on the skin, can alleviate Vitiligo at all?

    • Moderator

      In reply to Will's comment

      You are welcome, Will. That is a very good question. I believe it could possibly help, but it probably won't cure it at all. The good fats nourish skin and the antioxidants protect against damage and oxidation that can spur vitiligo, but I have not personally used it for this or know anyone who has. I hope it helps you. I know ginkgo biloba is being studied for its effects on vitiligo. A good diet, moderate sunbathing, and avoiding skin trauma help too. Good luck, Will.

  • Also I just put it on like a lotion right? After I have cleansed my face?

  • Hi. I have had quite bad acne since I was about 15. I am 21 now and have heard how good coconut oil is for skin. When I was in Taiwan at a baby orphanage for a while the nannies put it on the babies with rashes baby acne etc.
    Is CO something that will help heal my skin?

  • hii.. m 21year old.. my skin is dry.. and I have some small pimples n blackheads on my face. . someone tell me to use pure coconut oil. . therefore I m using parachute coconut oil from last 3day's. . my after using the oil on my face.. my pimples become large . now I m in doubt of using it now or not. . plz tell what I should do. .

    • Moderator

      In reply to Nisha Yadav's comment

      Hi, Nisha. You may be using too much coconut oil. You want only the thinnest layer on your face. Parachute isn't the best, but I suppose it could work in a pinch. Try using it just before you bathe and towel off most of it when you are done. Give it a couple weeks for your skin to adapt to it. You also may be one of the few who can't use coconut oil on your face. Jojoba may be a better fit for you. Good luck.

  • I have started using coconut oil from the past few days. The results are pretty impressive. My skin condition has improved. Unlike other oils this oil does not have stickiness and disappears quite quickly. My sleep pattern has also changed for the better ever since i started using coconut oil.

  • Hi am new to this thread. I had really bad acne/ eczema on my back. It left horrible scaring and I always had to cover up even in summer. It was so bad I couldn't even bear to wear bathing suites. I had it for years since my first child about 18 years. I tried everything. Just by chance I came across coconut oil in my daughters room I used it on my back and like magic the rash just disappeared . I mean the improvement was just unbelievable , even the scaring and piting has disappeared. I very now started using it for meals. It's a great product.

  • Hi Charlie,

    I purchased a tub of pure coconut oil yesterday after researching possible cures for KP or chicken skin as it is also known. My son has it on his upper arms and I had read many good reviews regarding the use of CO. He finished a course of Roaccutane in December for quite bad acne. It did clear it but it is slowly returning and I do not want to go down the drug route again. Could you tell me exactly how to use CO for the face. At the moment he washes with just water and then applies products. I was considering buying a tea tree facial wash for its antibacterial qualities and not relying on just water for washing. Should he apply the CO morning and night after washing and leave it on his face or do you have to leave it on for a while and then wipe off. I'm just not sure whether he should use it as a moisturiser or on cotton wool as a cleanser.

    • Moderator

      In reply to Avril's comment

      Really, Avril, you need to find out how it works best for your son and his unique skin needs. I like to use it as a moisturizer before I shower where it leaves only a thin layer behind when I towel off, but sometimes I use it with a cotton pad to clean my face just before bed. I also do add a couple drops of tea tree oil when I do use it as a cleanser. Try one way and see if your son improves and then try the other or a combination of both. I really hope it works well for him.

  • Sir, my son suffered from urticaria .itching .Will coconut oil useful in this case.son age -2year h

    • Moderator

      In reply to sandeep's comment

      Sandeep, it may or may not help, depending on the cause of the itching, but it is worth a try. Test it on a small area and see if it helps ease the hives and discomfort. Good luck!

  • Is it okay to use unrefined organic when dealing with acne?

  • I just started using coconut oil on my face 2-3 days ago. I was scared to do so because in the past I have had acne and I was afraid of putting oil on my face. Oh my goodness! I am hooked. I can't get over how good my skin feels. It only takes the tiniest amount, less than a pea size, rubbed between the palms and then all over the face. It makes my skin feel better than any lotion and I swear my face and hands look younger already. I used it to wash off my makeup last night but there was still enough left on my face after rinsing to provide the perfect moisturizing level, even for my oily skin. My skin was oily, but would peel around my nose. The peeling is already better. I have not had any breakouts from it yet. I would say there is definitely a difference in the quality of oils you can buy. Lou Anna, from the grocery store, would not be that great for the skin in my opinion, but I was using an organic, virgin coconut oil that is not processed. I wish I had known about this years ago. It makes my skin look so much better and my makeup apply smoother much like the expensive primers that some women use before applying makeup. I have made my own toothpaste and deodorant with a base of coconut oil and can't believe how well they work. My teeth feel cleaner than ever! I love, love, love it! Don't listen to the skeptics like I did for so long. Your skin will thank you and your liver too (for putting less toxins on your body).

    • Moderator

      In reply to Anna's comment

      Thank you so very much, Anna, for sharing how well it has worked for you. I love it as a toothpaste base too. Good for you for giving something different and a little scary a try. You are awesome! :)

  • I was told that pure coconut oil can not be absorbed into the blood stream, through the skin. Which is good if you're trying to be very careful about calories and fat. Do you know if this is accurate? What about fractionated coconut oil ? Thanks

    • Moderator

      In reply to Leanna's comment

      I'm sure a small amount of whatever is absorbed into your skin may make its way into your bloodstream, Leanna, but very little. The calories would be minuscule. This makes coconut oil a far better choice than all the lotions with synthetic chemicals in them that you don't want making their way into your bloodstream in any amount. The fractionated oil may absorb a little more, but I still doubt you have to worry about it or any extra calories from it.

  • Hi Charlie,
    Thank you for the info. Very nicely laid out. Unfortunately, I had a terrible experience with raw organic virgin coconut oil. I already improved my skincare with a castor/avocado oil blend, which was working beautifully and then I got greedy. I heard how miraculous coconut oil was, so I went out and bought a big 500ml tub of it. Eek... big mistake for my skin type (dry).
    It was strange because it is so oily and smells so natural and full of goodness, but it left me with really dry, tight skin, even to where I started getting red splotches. I was gutted, because I kept hearing how fabulous it was (plus I had just forked out for a big bloomin' jar of it!). So I stopped using it on my face and just used it on my body after showering... then red blotches began on my upper arms and chest. I've completely stopped using it in my skincare regime and instead I cook with it now so I don't miss out on those MCTs:)
    I've no doubt that for certain individuals it will work perfectly with their skin type, but I really think that it is not the skincare panacea many people are making it out to be, and I wish I had been warned of this before I spent my money, and compromised my already lovely skin. Your best advice is to definitely test patch it first, before slathering it all over. For me it's a definite no-go. Just grateful I have my castor/avocado oil repairing the damage as I type ;)

    • Moderator

      In reply to Ciara's comment

      I love avocado oil too, Ciara! I'm so sorry it didn't work well for you, but I'm glad you have a great fall back. It sounds like you may be slightly allergic to coconut oil topically. Keep us informed on the avocado oil. I may need to do an article on it soon too. :)

  • unrefined coconut oil is the BEST. (not the grocery store kind). I'm a black woman and switch from cocoa butter to coconut oil. My skin looks and feels amazing! I use it to remove make up (i make a sugar/honey scrub for my face), then use a little oil around eyes at night.
    I'll admit, i never had major skin problems but my skin on my face is VERY sensitive, even cocoa butter makes my face break out., the coconut oil does not...i have not used it in my hair but i get numerous compliments regarding my skin...
    ps: and i do know of older black women that gave used vaseline prior to going to sleep most of their life, and yes their skin has less wrinkles but acne/blemishes were a problem.

  • hey guys! since i was a baby, my mom would apply coconut oil to my hair and my hair was 3 feet long and severely thick by the time i was 8! i just learned that coconut oil could be used on the face and has drying as well as hydrating properties...? i have really oily skin, and sunday is my detox day, so i was wondering if i should add coconut oil to my face mask. will that help to decrease oil and smooth it out, or being an oil itself, just clog my pores up even more? thanks! great article, by the way!

    • Moderator

      In reply to Kaylea's comment

      Thank you, Kaylea, for sharing how well it worked for your hair! I think it would be a great addition to a mask. Give it a try and let us know.

  • I just started using coconut oil and I love it. My skin feel so soft and hydrated, it works better than my face sunblock. I even use it on my hair too, it makes my hair look so shiny and luscious. It's like beauty in a jar!

    • In reply to Flor Elena's comment

      I completely agree, my skin hasn't felt and looked this good in over 6 years. I got really bad adult acne when I was 26, and after 3 dermotologist, I was finally put on accutane. That was the worst mistake for my skin care. After coming off of it, I immediately started breaking out and not wanting to do a second round, I have been battling again with it for over a year...until 3 days ago. Just randomly I put coconut oil on my face before bed and woke up the next morning with a major reduction in inflammation and redness. I have been using it every night since; 3 days later and my skin is almost completely clear. I'm not saying coconut oil cured my acne but it has helped more than any medication I have used.

    • Moderator

      In reply to Nicole's comment

      I hope this trend continues for you, Nicole! And thank you so much for sharing your experience.

    • Moderator

      In reply to Flor Elena's comment

      Thank you, Flor, for sharing how well it works for you!

  • hi

    i am a african lady, with a discolouring on my face. I was just wondering if the coconut oil with be as effective as the many testimonials here,..
    thank you

    • Moderator

      In reply to Rosalia's comment

      You really can't be sure how your face will react, Rosalia, until you try it. If the discoloration is drastic, you may need more than just coconut oil too. Good luck.

  • Why does my buttock seem to break out when using coconut oil for intimate pleasure?

    • Moderator

      You may be slightly allergic, Denise. Use a little less and see if you still break out, Taper it down until you don't. You may have to find another solution.

  • Hello Charlie
    I have been using pure virgin cocinut oil on my skin and face...but I am experiencing lots of red bleamishes,flaky skin and redness.
    Should I stop.
    I live in the uk so at the moment cold,windy,heating on.
    kind regards

    • Moderator

      In reply to Ali Roffey's comment

      Oh no, Ali. I would say you should probably stop. You may be slightly allergic. Cold weather does interfere with absorption, so you may want to try it again when it is warmer, but stop if you keep getting irritation and redness. It does take a couple weeks for your skin to get used to it, but you shouldn't get much irritation even during those couple weeks. I'm sorry. You may want to look into moringa, jojoba, or argan oil instead.

  • Hi Charlie,

    I just started using unrefined coconut oil for a week, is it possible to mix essential oil with coconut oil? If so, which flavor essential oil is the best match with coconut oil? Because I found I smell too much coconut after I applied the oil on my skin. Also, I am using it right after shower, is it better to use before or after shower, I saw above messages, you said u use it before shower..I was thinking it may be better for skin to absorb the oil before I wipe my skin, because my skin is very dry even it's summer time.

    Thank you in advance


    • Moderator

      In reply to Sophie's comment

      Totally possible, Soph! I use a lavender and tea tree oil blend in my coconut oil often, but you can use other scents too. I like lavender and citrus together. You can use it after you shower. Many people do that to lock in the moisture from the shower. I prefer before, but I am not too prone to dry skin, and I like the thin layer it leaves behind. Hope that helps.

  • Hi Charlie, I am from India. Here in India we use coconut oil so much for every purpose. I use pure coconut oil as moisturizer after shower. I get complements everyday for my beautiful glowing skin. Everyone want to know the secret of my beautiful skin but I never reveal, lol :-).

    Thanks for the information.

  • Just wondering...does coconut oil help the dark circles under the eyes? Don't know if someone else mentioned this yet, but I not able to read the whole list. Thanks in advance!!

  • Hi Charlie, i have been using coconut oil for about 3 weeks now for my very dry and cracked skin on my feet, i massage a good amount of the oil into my skin which is so easy to do as it turns to liquid as soon as it has any heat then i put on socks and i had amazing soft feet in one week!!!
    I am now using it on my face and have discarded any of my normal beauty products .
    what i want to know is does it have any good properties for helping with osteoarthritis? because i have terrible pain in my hands ,feet and knees ,i have had 2 hip replacements before the age of fifty.
    Many thanks.

  • Great article!! We are from south India who extensively use coconut oil.We use that in cooking as well. We got beautiful skin and hair. We get pure coconut oil and when applied leaves our skin smoother and much more healthier then synthetic chemical moisturizers.

  • hi,i want to manufacture a soap with pure coconut oil,using palm noodles,is it good for the skin as well as the hair.?
    kindly advise

  • by the way, i recommended it to a friend who was also having the same issue with her hairline. She wishes she had started sooner because it is soo working for her.

  • coconut oil has been amazing on my hairline. It was really, really bad, no sign of hair at all.hairline was as smooth as my face. After doing some research, i started applying both coconut oil & castor oil. I alternate, i massage coconut oil in the morning & castor oil at night since it is greasy. The results are amazing! I had lost hope of growing hair but coconut & castor didi it for me. By the way, results will not come in one day, i was very patient & consistent, now i dnt even believe my hairline myself after just a few months.

    • Moderator

      In reply to Favoured's comment

      That is amazing! I also use rosemary oil in my coconut oil for my hairline and my hair in general. It stimulates growth and maintains color.

  • Hi,

    I have moderately dry skin and have been using a moisturizing cream on my face for about 1 year now. Since hearing about the benefits of OIL for the face, I have tried out 100% pure argan oil & 100% unrefined coconut oil (at separate times) Both of them seem to irritate my skin and make my face flaky and dry. Any ideas as to why? I want to believe the hype on coconut oil but every time I try it my skin gets so irritated and drier :( any info will be helpful!


    • Moderator

      In reply to Angel's comment

      Sorry to hear that, Angel. Some people have a mild allergy to coconut oil and can't use it. It also takes some people about two weeks for their skin to adjust to the new oil. Coconut oil forms a thin layer on your skin that keeps your skin from dehydrating. If you aren't getting enough water, your skin can still dry out. You may also want to apply it just after your skin is moistened, like after a warm shower. Coconut oil doesn't play as well with winter weather either. It hardens at colder temperatures and doesn't absorb well. These may help, but it may just be that coconut oil isn't right for you.

  • I have very dry skin and discoloration on my skin. I was wondering if coconut oil will help? If so how do I go about using? Should I use it as cleanser, a moisturizer or both.

    • Moderator

      In reply to Tracy's comment

      It just might, Tracy. You never know for sure until you try it. Start in a small area and see how your skin tolerates it. A small amount of people are allergic. You can use it as either or both. I like to use it as both. I clean my face with it at night and wipe it off, but this leaves a little behind to moisturize overnight. I also like using it just before a shower or bath. This leaves behind only a thin layer, the perfect amount for the face. Good luck! Let us know how it works for you.

  • I am 49 years old and have had trouble keeping my skin hydrated for several years. I would have called my skin dehydrated instead of dry because I could see little wrinkles and it wasn't flakey. For the past year, I have been putting coconut oil on my face, neck, and arms (my most problematic areas) BEFORE I get in shower. I do my usual shower duties (washing hair, shaving legs, etc.). I get out, blot my face dry (it's wet from the steam, I don't put my face in the shower water), and my skin is left with an unbelievable moisture and looks so healthy all the time. Doing this has literally transformed my skin! I get compliments on my skin all the time. : )

  • First of all let me say that I am so glad I listened to a friend who told me how she used coconut oil for her facial skin. I was having patches of thin skin under my eyes. Just below where women wear concealer. I have always had very sensitive skin and every product no matter what the cost flared up my face. Having gone through menopause I noticed so much dryness with my face and new wrinkles I was desperate to try something. And, oh my goodness!!! New wrinkles that had formed on my forehead are now gone. Under my eyes is so much better. it hasn't even been 2 weeks and I see such an improvement. I switch off sometimes with Vitamin E or Rosehip oil but by far the coconut oil with a natural eye cream I purchased online is doing great things for my skin. I am 54 and have always been told I looked much younger so I wanted to keep my skin healthy looking. It is also awesome with some of our pets we care for. A little goes a long way even with coarse hair. We cook with it now also. Thanks for your article. It is nice to read what I am experiencing first hand Charlie. :)

  • Thanks for the great site! Two questions here:

    1. I bit into buying a fairly expensive roll-on bottle of a popular brand of essential oils - this one for tension in neck, etc. It doesn't seem to mark up my skin, but burned like crazy with my first use - I assume due to the peppermint in it. Package says to dilute with "fractionated c.o - which, of course the essential oil company sells for an arm and a leg - if your skin is sensitive to the oil.. A local health food store has it at a better price.. Sites on the Fractionated. oil, however, remark that most of the good qualities, such as Lauric Acid, are removed in the process of fractionating. Virgin oil appears to be very healthful, and has left in "the good stuff". In your humble opinion, would Virgin Coconut oil work as well to dilute the oils? Perhaps to rub on skin before using the roll on essential oil?

    2. 30-year breast cancer survivor here, [Yay!!] (double mastectomies) The radiation I underwent on one side is still "doing it's destruction". Unfortunately, it's work never ends, so there's no real "cure". Think: About a 3x4" area that is hard, dry, leathery snake/alligator, etc. Docs tell me to keep it well moisturized, even trying Vaseline - but nothing seems to work, or it irritates the area. I'm anxious to try some of the virgin coconut oil on the area. Would you suggest trying this before I shower, also, or ???? Guess I'm concerned about it messing up clothing.


    • Moderator

      In reply to Granny K's comment

      Granny K, you can absolutely use coconut oil to dilute essential oils. You also do not need the fractionated kind. I would do exactly as you commented - rub the oil on and then use the roll on. Coconut oil can stain clothing in large amounts, so before a shower is a very good time to apply it. You can also apply it right after in smaller amounts. A thin layer absorbs well and minimizes the risk to your clothes. Good luck. I hope it helps you so much!

    • In reply to Granny K's comment

      Oh, and forgot to mention that I live in the North where we've had one of the longest winter's on record, with temps below zero on a number of days! I saw some comments about the coconut oil on the face solidifying in cold temps, but how about on the body, covered by clothing/???

    • Moderator

      In reply to Granny K's comment

      I think you are fine using it the way you plan to, Granny K. If you use it before a shower, the warmth will help it absorb and get used by your body and then the clothing will do the same. The drying effect that can happen during winter is mainly on the face and hands.

  • I started using coconut oil on my face at night about 3 weeks ago. I have always had very oily skin and breakout often on my forehead. Since starting the coconut oil at night, I put it all around my eyes, my very deep wrinkle forehead and around my mouth where I have smile lines. My skin is far less oily during the day, my laugh lines have all but vanished and my frown lines on my forehead are lifting quite nicely!!!! I was worried about putting oil on my face, did a ton of reading and I am so glad I am using this now!!!! I am a forever user now, considering I recently ran into someone I had not seen in a few years and she was amazed how nice and young my face looked :-)!

    • Moderator

      In reply to Cindy's comment

      That is awesome, Cindy!! Always nice to run into people who shower you with compliments. I am so happy for you. Keep letting us know how it works long-term.

  • I recently began usuing CO in my skin care routine... I was tired of using all these products with tons of chemicals, which didn't seem to be helping my skin at all.. I have combination skin with acne flare-ups on my chin and cheeks... It tends to be more on the oily side tho, but it didint become extra dry when using certain products... I also have stretch marks on my belly and hips , and some one my breasts..

    i began to think... maybe less is more.. I bought some CO , whipped it up in my Magic Bullet, put it in a tupperware container and let it solidify a bit (it was very runny after whipping it). Im not sure why i whipped it, but i read online that you can and figured it would make a nice texture.

    I put it on my face, massage it into my skin (neck & chest areas also) .. Then i take a towel, run it under some warm water, ring it out, and place it over my face..

    I use it as an all over moisturizer and on my stretch marks. I ahvent broken out since and my skin is soft and clean. It also cleared up exisiting breakouts without leaving any dark marks!

    Its only been about a week of using it, but I absolutley love it! I only used it on my hair once (I do not wash my hair daily) and will also begin oil pulling since reading all these great things about it. I have very weak and soft teeth, hopefully this might help me!

    exicting to see further results using CO!

  • can i use parashute coconut oil in my whole body including my face. I too have very dry skin is this will be effective for my skin.

    • Hi parachute oil for body is fine but for face you should specifically use virgin or extra virgin coconut oil. So long as it is virgin coconut oil it should be fine for the face no matter what brand. I have used multiple brands and they all have worked. Do not use coconut oil o face if it is not specifocally virgin coconut oil.

    • Moderator

      I am unfamiliar with parashute coconut oil, but I believe so, Mubeena.

  • I had very dry cracked skin and feet due to having to use diuretics for Kidney Disease and End Stage Renal Disease. I had tried various products to help care for my skin, but nothing seemed to really help. I started using CO on a whim one day (got it out of my pantry) and used it after a warm shower. It went on smooth and light and absorbed quickly with no residue or sticky/oily feeling. I've only used it about 3 times and my skin is GREAT! No dryness and my heels are not cracked! (I put socks on after I slather the oil on my feet and heels and let it soak in!) I can honestly say this stuff is really working! I'm going to try on my face and also get my husband to try for a skin problem he has on his eye lids (The dermatologist said he had a type of "dandruff" on his eye lids and nothing will clear it up!) So this is worth trying!! Just my 2 cents!

  • Virgin coconut oil has made a HUGE difference to my skin. I've had pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, skin discolouration, cystic acne, red blotches of scars that were so bad that people couldn't tell the original colour of my skin. The organic black african soap i used controlled my acne and reduced pimples, and the moisturizer I used also helped to even out my facial skin's surface. However, it was still not enough. My skin discolouration made me look as though I still had bad acne even though most of it already healed. I started using virgin coconut oil every night as a treatment and deep conditioning moisturizer using not more than two drops, which was just enough for me. A couple months of diligent use and my skin has drastically changed for the better! My skin is so unbelievably smooth now, it's an amazing improvement as my skin was very rough due to the uneven skin surface. The virgin coconut oil has evened out my skin, healed skin discolouration, made my skin healthier and more supple, reduced fine lines, and now my bare skin looks a 100 times better. I was so very happy with the results, I feel so much more confident, and I just like gently touching my skin as creepy as that sounds haha. However, if you are looking to heal more bigger skin issues such as ice pick scars, sadly virgin coconut oil hasn't worked a miracle for me yet, which is not surprising though as ice pick scars are to be dealt with a professional dermatologist, or so I've been warned countless of times. Besides that, coconut oil has been a gem. Hey Charlie, is there anything you would recommend for a natural way to heal ice pick scars?

    • Moderator

      In reply to Dahlia's comment

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience, Dahlia. I know I have had many people ask about skin discoloration and I had no direct experience with it. I'm glad to have someone share that coconut oil helps. Ice pick scars are a tough one. Massage, lemon juice, baking soda in coconut oil, and pineapple are all supposed to help remove some of the scarring, but not all, and, once again, not something I've dealt with personally. You also have to be careful with lemon juice as it can lighten skin where applied and make you more photosensitive.

  • Thank you Charlie for quick response.

    I will try it out.. lets see how it goes/

    • Moderator

      In reply to Ritu's comment

      You are always welcome, Ritu! I will be sending you all the luck I can gather. I really hope it helps you.

    • Hi
      I have started using parashute coconut oil for my face, bcoz of winters here in India its in solid form. yea it gets melt easily after applying on skin, is this fine? I apply this CO oil and after few hours when i wash my face with ponds facewash then i feel its peeling of much of dead skin from my face. My skin gets more dry after facewash. Here which brand of CO oil you guys are talking about and which facewash to use. but yea i feel, that some of my scars are getting light. but forehead is still same, i feel white heads/black skin and small small pimples on my forehead. hey also , is using CO can result into small pimples if not used properly.

      Thanks in Advance, Ritu

    • Moderator

      In reply to Ritu's comment

      Coconut oil may cause acne if you use too much on your face. I like to use it as a moisturizer after washing my face so you dry out less. I also wipe it off well after I apply it so I am left with the thinnest layer possible. I hope that answers some of your questions, Ritu.

    • yea ,Thank you Charlie .

      I will follow this method.


  • Hi Charlie

    I am 30. My face skin is patchy. I have dark spots near nose, lips, dark eye circles. and my forehead is extremely dark

    can u suggest me , will using coconut oil will work for me. Also how shall i use it means the method to use it.


    • Moderator

      In reply to Ritu Goyal's comment

      It may work for you, Ritu. You never know until you give it a try. Start small and see how you react to it first and then use more if you are not allergic or anything. I use it as a cleanser and moisturizer. Simply rub it on and wipe it off with a cotton pad or ball. You don't want too much on your face, though you can use more elsewhere, like feet and elbows. Lemon juice mixed with yogurt can be a mild skin lightener. Rub it into the darker areas, leave it for ten minutes, and then rinse it off. I wish you luck.

    • Thank you Charlie.

      I will give it a try.

    • In reply to Ritu Goyal's comment


      I have started using parashute coconut oil for my face, bcoz of winters here in India its in solid form. yea it gets melt easily after applying on skin, is this fine?

      I apply this CO oil and after few hours when i wash my face with ponds facewash then i feel its peeling of much of dead skin from my face. My skin gets more dry after facewash.

      Here which brand of CO oil you guys are talking about and which facewash to use.

      but yea i feel, that some of my scars are getting light. but forehead is still same, i feel white heads/black skin and small small pimples on my forehead.

      hey also , is using CO can result into small pimples if not used properly.

      Thanks in Advance,

  • hello I am 23. I have adult acne on my upper body. cam I use coconut oil? pls mail me the reply if possible.

    • In reply to Rachna's comment

      Hi rachna, I suggest you to use ayurveda soap that can be found in indian stores. It has helped with my body acne and even lightened my skin. It is quite an affordable soap. Do remember to use a body scrubbing cloth to exfoliate skin as this will help to heal and clean body acne and the acne scars.

    • Moderator

      In reply to saskia's comment

      Thank you, Saskia!

    • In reply to saskia's comment

      thanx Charlie and Saskia. Saskia can you please tell me the name of that soap? I 'll be very thankful... I am getting married next year and now depressed because of acne tried everything but no result... plz tell me the soap name. thanks alot.

    • In reply to Rachna's comment

      Hi it is called ayurveda soap. Alternatively you could use black african soap. I feel that the most important thing is to use a body scrubbing towel. That helped the most in keeping skin cleand acne free. Moisture skin with a few drops of coconut oil for face and massage body with the oil as well. Coconut oil helps skin to heal and makes it softer and relieves acne scarring. It can be a pain to have acnebut do not be disheartend, keep at a good skin care regime with minimal chemicals , keeping skin clean and moisturized. You will see results, so keep at it. I wish you all the best with your skin and congratulations on your marriage. Good luck :)

    • In reply to Saskia's comment

      Thank you so much saskia.

    • Moderator

      In reply to Rachna's comment

      I'd say it is worth a try, Rachna. I have noticed less acne all around since I started using it.

    • Charlie I am using coconut oil and I found that my acne spots are fading out. thank u so much

    • Moderator

      In reply to Rachna's comment

      So glad to hear that, Rachna!

  • hi, thank you for this informative article! was just wondering, is pure CO the same as unrefined or organic CO? Trying to figure out which type is the best to use?

  • Hello charlie, I have a very dry skin because I used to take a treatment against acne which peeled my face and now I am suffering from a really bad skin. Its dry and most of the times red. So how can I apply coconut oil to help me? What are the steps of applying it to my face?

    • Moderator

      In reply to dina's comment

      Hi, Dina! If I were in your shoes, I would start small. Test it out on a small section of your face for a few days to two weeks to see how your skin tolerates it. It takes a couple weeks for your skin to adapt to the new addition. Simply use a finger to dab some on and then wipe it off with a cotton pad or ball. If you see improvement, then increase the test size. It may or may not work for you, but I'll be hoping it does. Good luck!

  • My son has eczema and I use to use the cortisone cream prescribed by doctors. But since it flares up every summer I decided to go natural and used emu oil. This worked in getting rid of the eczema although not as quick as the cortisone cream and then i switched to coconut oil as it's a lot cheaper. This also worked plus it smells a treat and my son is able to put it on himself - I never use to let him apply the cortisone just to minimize contact and in case he forgets to wash his hands afterwards. I'm sure he licks his fingers now after applying the coconut oil!
    I also use it as a deodorant (yes it works), on my body as a moisturizer and recently on my raised scars. Occasionally use it on my face when I just fancy having a sniff of it but mostly use extra virgin olive oil as I find it less drying. My face has never looked better and when I do get the odd spot, it just disappears within a couple days. Told my teenage daughter to try coconut oil on her spots and she was surprised how instead of making her skin greasy and her spots worse, it actually cleared her skin.

    • Moderator

      In reply to Jen's comment

      Thank you so much for sharing these, Jen! I use it as deodorant too and I love having less gunk build up on my poor shirts.

    • Yeah Charlie it's weird how it doesn't leave oil stains on clothes. Occasionally I put on too much or I don't rub it in properly then it leaves a slight stain but that's easily removed. My husband still uses traditional deodorant and I have to scrub to remove the yellow stains from his shirts before wash.

  • When I find something that works, I stick with it. I am fanatic about my skin care regimen, but don't usually use much make up. After three years of a particular skin care brand, I began to have stinging and burning on my eyelids. At one point they peeled like they had been burned. Very nasty. Anyway, I grabbed the coconut oil one night and used it around my eyes. No stinging. I have been using it ever since on my whole face and neck area - also on my hands and cuticles. Haven't made it to the whole body yet, but i'm headed that direction. I also do oil pulling and find it clears my sinuses. I have used it for years in cooking, but did not think of it for skin. Yeah. dumb. Love the stuff.

  • Hi,

    You please suggest me the best coconut oil for face though i have very sensitive skin..

  • Hi,
    I have a query, i have acne on my forehead, so can I use cocunat oil, because dermatologist advised not apply oil on your face, so you please suggest me, can i use coconut oil, and which is the best coconut oil.. I used parachute for hair massage, can i use that on my face also??

    • Moderator

      In reply to Lucky's comment

      Most oils you would not want to apply to your face, Lucky, but jojoba oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil seem to do our faces some good. You may want to experiment with a small section of your forehead. Use coconut oil on that spot for a couple weeks and see how your react to it. I'm sorry, I'm not very familiar with parachute.

  • Just wanted to say I am now obsessed with Coconut Oil.. When I went to purchase, I did a google search for the better brands to use and the best I could find on the shelf were the Artisana, or Dr.Bronner's.. I went with the Artisana because the size was larger.. Love this stuff! I have used as an all over moisturizer with excellent effects... I am 44, almost 45(in 2 weeks) and I was using an expensive skin care regimen , ran out and needed something good that was more cost effective.. I am loving the results of the CO around my eyes, and my mouth. I am using not just as an eye moisturizer, but on whole face as well.. I hate makeup and prefer a light powder.. I am finding that with the CO my skin texture, color, and wrinkles have all improved.. My face just looks fresher.. I have had sinus problems and my eyes were puffy, especially the upper lids. Since using the CO it is amazing the difference ! Especially after an oil pulling ! My sinuses cleared up almost instantly.. My boyfriend has had problems since breaking his nose in a car accident years ago so I made him give it a try.. He could not believe the difference and how well he can now breath through his nose... I am guessing that the few people that did not have excellent results with using Coconut Oil may have possibly bought a refined version.. I would say stick to a good organic, extra virgin/virgin type and you will be pleased !!

  • Hi Charlie, thanks for sharing. I am obsessed with coconut oil. I have been using it as a moisturizer on my legs after shaving it after it sinks in, my skin feels so silky smooth and amazing. I have a question. I haven't used it much on my face at all. I have very red cheeks from under my eyes down to my jaw line which is completely embarrassing unless I cover it with makeup. I especially hate it during the summer at the beach and stuff! It's not rosacea because my cheeks never break out and are mostly smooth. Do you think using coconut oil daily on my cheeks will help reduce the redness permanently?

    • Moderator

      In reply to Megan's comment

      I think you may want to discuss this with your physician, Megan. There are many reasons why your face may be red that could pose some health risks. Coconut oil may help if it is a mild form of rosacea or a mild inflammatory response, but if it is something more, it may not be enough. Good luck.

  • coconut oil is a wonder! i had this weird kind of allergy around my nose and it just vanished within 3 days with the application of coconut oil. I use it regularly since then. Also keeps my skin moisturized :)

  • Hi Charlie,

    Does coconut oil help minimize stretch marks? Also, is unrefined better then refined?

    Thank You

    • Moderator

      In reply to Chris's comment

      I like unrefined better, Chris. It has more of the natural ingredients from the coconut. I haven't used it on stretch marks, but I have had good luck with scars and I've heard good things from others about it minimizing stretch marks. I hope it works well for you. Good luck.

  • Hi,

    My skin has dark patches near the elbows. It's there from so many users. Tried all possible creams. Is there any natural product that can be used to remove these dark patches?? Will use of coconut oil help here??

  • Hi Charlie. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful virtues of Coconut oil with us. I'd like to ask specifically if coconut oil darkens the skin because you said earlier tyat it helps to retain "tan". I'm an African and I dont want to get darker. Thanks

    • Moderator

      In reply to Foluke's comment

      Good question, Foluke. If you are getting sun often and not wearing sunscreen, then coconut oil will darken your skin because it does hold tans longer, but it does not darken skin by itself. It can actually help lighten blemishes and acts a very low potency sunscreen when you aren't getting too much sun. Wear sunscreen when you are out for longer than half an hour in the sun. Don't wear sunscreen when you are only in the sun a short while though. Vitamin D is important and it won't noticeably darken skin if you get a good 10 to 20 minutes in. That's when coconut oil is perfect, blocking a little while letting you recharge your vitamin D. I hope that helps.

  • Because of irregular heart beat, I have to take a prescription blood thinner. I wear long sleeves to cover the frequent bruising. Would you recommend coconut oil to lessen the healing time and remove the "unsightly" discoloring?

    • Moderator

      In reply to dana's comment

      Coconut oil, arnica oil, and witch hazel are three things you can try. I have had good luck with each of them with bruising. Good luck, dana!

  • I have a question about using coconut oil onto my face before buying it . Ok so I'm asian and I'm not that dark or that light skinned . You can say I have that natural skin color type. I have sensitive skin , and dry skin with small acne . I have a lot of troubles with small acne on my forehead (especially) and and on my side cheeks . It bothers me a lot when I talk to people closely, and I was wondering if coconut oil would be the product I would use for my face ? I need clear skin :( ugh , it's so embarrassing with no clean skin? Would it help using coconut oil? And also IF I was to use coconut oil on my face, could I use my face wash before coconut oil since everybody says it's a moisturizing thing.

    • Moderator

      In reply to Phaith Her's comment

      Coconut oil may help you, Phaith. You will never know until you try it. I can say it has minimized my little black heads that I get on my nose. You can use it as a cleanser or as a moisturizer after you wash your face. Good luck!

  • How do you use it as a mouthwash. Melt in warm water & swish??

    • Moderator

      In reply to Jill's comment

      I just use a little oil straight with a drop or two of peppermint oil added to it. It will melt in your mouth in seconds. Swish it around for a couple minutes and then spit it out. You get some oil pulling benefits and mouthwash benefits in one.

    • hello I have only just stumbled across the site for coconut oil.. thank you so so much.. Im loving it..
      what is meant by pulling when used as a mouth wash please

    • Moderator

      In reply to karen's comment

      Glad you like it, Karen. Oil pulling is swishing the coconut oil around in your mouth for a while, several minutes up to about twenty if you can go that long. You then spit it all out. It is supposed to pull the bacteria and toxins out of your mouth. I usually only do about 5 to 7 minutes. That's plenty to loosen the plaque and clean my teeth and gums pretty well.

  • Hi, after reading all the great experiences with coconut oil have started to use it today on my eczema that has started to flare up again. Sick of harsh creams so thought a natural approach would be better. Will post back in couple of weeks. Fingers crossed! :-)

  • Do you know how this compares to EMU Oil for the skin?

  • Aside from Bryan's comment, all I am hearing is wonderful stuff about using coconut oil for the skin. My 3 year has had a horrible rash for more than a year. We have tried every prescription we can to clear it up. Nothing has helped her. I am thinking about using coconut oil on her butt to see if I can finally beat this thing. My question is, will it burn her? So many creams have hurt her more than the actual rash has and as a parent, I feel horrible having to put her through it. I believe the rash is from her allergy to dairy. I have switched to lactose/gluten free products, but with her visiting family, have not been able to test out my theory for my own eyes. Feed back would be wonderful.....

    • Moderator

      In reply to Amanda F's comment

      Coconut oil is very gentle on skin, Amanda. The only reason it could burn her is if she has an allergy to coconut as well. Test it on a very small area for a couple days and see how her skin reacts before using it over the entire rash area. Most creams have some synthetic ingredients that many infants react to, but coconut oil is all-natural and easier on skin. Good luck. I hope it works well for your little one.

  • if u apply coconut oil on ur face will it lead to the facial hair growth???

    • Moderator

      In reply to rashmi's comment

      Coconut oil should not increase facial hair, Rashmi. Men may use it to soften and tame their beards, but it will not make facial hair grow in darker, thicker, or faster for women.

  • I grew up in the coastal region of Mombasa, Kenya and have used coconut oil and shea butter for as long as I can remember. I cook with it, use it as a hair oil, skin moisturiser. No need for expensive lotions or creams. My skin is completely problem free. Thank you for sharing the word

  • My friend is having trouble with his muscles and also is worried about his weight loss, no diagnosis found. Do you think Coconut oil could help? I can see it's good for weight loss which is opposite to what he needs.

    • Moderator

      In reply to Fiona's comment

      It's hard to say, Fiona, without knowing why he is losing weight and muscle. A little coconut oil might help if he is struggling with some type of infection or parasite. It does help with weight loss, but it is also high in calories, so it helps maintain healthy weight too and keeping energy levels up while trying to build muscle. He should consult a health care professional though to figure out what is causing the loss in the first place.

    • Thank you, the professionals don't the meantime I used some of the oil around my eyes today and noticed immediate results!

    • Moderator

      In reply to Fiona's comment

      Glad to hear it helped you and I wish your friend luck too.

  • The winter is brutal on the skin. Been using xtra virgin on my face @ night. No dry flakes! Love it. Will this oil also help with rosacea?

  • Hi Charlie.
    I've had anal fissures for 2 years and I was getting worried that no medication could treat it.
    Until I've read somewhere that he started using Virgin coconut oil around the strains to stop and relieve him from these fissures. I tried it and it worked. The discomfort and burden of these fissures left me when I regularly applied it.

  • hello
    i am 32 yreas old, i am unmarried but ther r alot of wrinklws and pimples on my face, please give me suggestion

  • Question... I just had weight loss surgery and as I'm losing weight my skin is having a hard time keeping up. I'm starting to notice some loose skin and wrinkling. Do you think that the coconut oil will help tighten my skin up faster than other creams and lotions?

    • Moderator

      In reply to Amy's comment

      It takes time for your skin to shrink and mold itself to your shape when you lose weight quickly. Hydration, both internally and externally, can help speed the process a little, but not as much as you probably hope. Having said that, I'd still give coconut oil a try and see how your skin responds after a few weeks. Good luck, Amy.

  • Hi Charlie,
    Can you tell me what type of Coco nut oil is best for the skin, please? I have some, it's spectrum brand, Organic refined expeller pressed, can I use this?

    • Moderator

      In reply to L. Estelle's comment

      I like the unrefined, virgin more, but you can certainly use your organic, refined coconut oil. It has been filtered and has less of a coconut smell, but the many benefits are still there.

  • Hello Charlie, im using coconut oil since i found your website, im using every night for my body, my face ,my hair, my nails, for mouthwash, I cant belive my skin is very soft and clean... Coconut oil is amazinggg , i cant stay now without using it for everything,,

  • I started using virgin coconut oil on my face about 2 months ago, and it actually seems to show my fine lines and wrinkles more. I look very young for my age (I'm 54, and people guess me to be about 39 or 40). Also, when I use it on my hands at night, within about 10 minutes, they feel very dry. Any thoughts why this is happening?

    • Moderator

      In reply to Tara's comment

      We are all individual, Tara, and some people may not respond well to coconut oil. There is also a transition period, when you skin is trying to figure out what it thinks of the new addition and deciding what to do with its oil production. Coconut oil is also a little less effective during the winter months. You may want to switch over to avocado oil and then try coconut again in the spring.

  • my body skin is all flaky and peeling off should i apply ciconut oil

    • Moderator

      In reply to sylvia's comment

      Sylvia, try it on a small area for a few days and see how you react to it and if it starts helping. If you see even small improvement, start using it all over. I've seen it help so many skin problems and I'm hoping it works for you too.

  • I am so glad I read this because I just purchased some coconut oil to use for my hair, I bought " Spectrum organic virgin coconut oil" I hope this it the right kind, but my hair is breaking like crazy and I heard about this remedy but I was still skeptical after trying so many things. Now I'm at my wits end and I decided to do a little research and to find out that it does so much more, I can't wait to use it so now I'm very hopeful thanks for the info Charlie :-) and everyone else :-)....except you Bryan :-(lol!!

    • Moderator

      In reply to Casaundra's comment

      Thank you so much, Casaundra, and you are welcome. I use it in my hair every couple weeks and I love it. I'm just as hopeful for you and your hair. Let us know what happens and good luck!

      PS - Thank you for the laugh at the end of your comment. :D

  • i have very dry skin. about 3 years ago i used it to make my tan shine and make all the hard work at the gym more noticeable. the local wal mart quit selling it. just 2 weeks ago i found some at the local kroger. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    indiana winter is very rough on your skin. i would wake up and feel like my face was made of brown paper bag, it was that bad! in just two days all the redness on my face has diminished and my crows feet is less noticeable. i am only 34 years of age and looking good is still important to myself.

    regarding the comment about it not letting your skin breath i can maybe shed some light to that commentator: 3 years ago i felt the same. i started using this during the summer months and when i would sweat the oil would come back out with the sweat. my whole body would glisten and shine. this is a very good thing however i understand how it could have been somewhat misleading. i have used that jar for almost a year and my skin never looked better or felt healthier. try it out bryan, it works absolute wonders.

    also great for cooking and mouthwash! if you smoke this will remove the kissing an ashtray thing you may have heard. also cures warts you get on the bottom of your feet. i had one on my big toe and tried everything. unlike the garlic treatment this does not hurt or burn your skin. painlessly it just got smaller and smaller in size and then just disappeared. never has it returned. i hope this helps someone out there.

  • What is the best method to apply coconut oil is facial cleansing? I have acne troubled skin and have tried everything but have recently been told to try coconut oil, I want to be sure I am applying properly.

  • Hello, Charlie,
    Just a quick bit of support and a dash of info on your coconut oil use...
    I'm Bajan (from Barbados.) we live and die by the coconut. Everything you have said about it being fab is spot on. We even use 'oil pulling' methods to cleanse our teeth and gums. Look it up. It's amazing.
    I have 2 quick suggestions for your readers
    1. Those using it on face for cleansing...mix with a bit of castor oil. castor can be drying so use sparingly.
    2.when using in hair...slather the head at night. wrap. wake. unwrap. 'Wash' hair with a mixture of 1 tblsp baking soda to 8oz of water shaken well. rinse well. condition with a 50/50 apple vinegar and water mixture. rinse. you will not smell like a rocket salad. promise. You will have the BEST hair and skin around. My gran lived to be 101 and had skin and hair as smooth as a baby's.
    Thanks, Charlie. You're a doll.

    • Moderator

      In reply to McGeeMumx3's comment

      Thank you, McGee, for sharing these tips. I do love oil pulling very much and I always use coconut oil when I do! I had thought of using a combination of jojoba and coconut oil for a face cleanser, but I hadn't thought of castor. Thank you again for some really good advice!

    • In reply to McGeeMumx3's comment

      oh, I just remembered! my gran used it on her eyelids as well; before sleep of course. It strengthens lashes and eliminates the 'scale' that can sometimes occur when you wear eye makeup a lot.

    • Moderator

      In reply to McGeeMumx3's comment

      Another great idea, McGee! It's also great for bags, dark circles, puffiness, and even pink eye.

  • Hi,
    I use Coconut oil as a make up remover, it's the best I've found! In addition, it's great for stopping the bikini line itch when it grows!

    I've also found it's superb on my scalp psoriasis but I don't use it too often thereas I've struggled to wash it out. Any tips on this would be much appreciated.
    Helly x

    • Moderator

      In reply to Helly Doel's comment

      Thank you, Helly, for sharing more uses! I simply use warm water and a little conditioner and it rinses out pretty well. My hair does feel a little heavier for a day or two. You can use shampoo to help remove it. Shampoo will strip more of the oil out, but it will still leave a good amount in your hair to do what you want it to do. I hope that helps.

  • I love coconut oil. I use it as a moisturizer around my eyes on my hand and feet and mix it with lotion for all over body. I also have used the oil cleansing method with it but I found it made my skin break out but I am very acne prone. So probably not the best moisturizer for acne prone but great for dry skin!

    • Moderator

      In reply to Krista's comment

      Thank you, Krista, for sharing what works and doesn't for you! I lean toward dry skin, so it has been great, but I do know many people have to avoid using it on their face for this reason.

  •'ve convinced me. I have a rash on my legs the dermatologist says is eczema and I've been putting an expensive lotion on it. I'm starting today with coconut oil....I'll let you know the results. Thanks for the info....

  • good god! where have you been you, people? there is no questions that the raw organic extra virgin coconut oil is the answer for any trouble in the world! Human is greedy... they want more more and more and instead of using the extra virgin organic coconut oil... they created this chemical and stuff to enhance the production for the sake of their greedy needs.

    If we stick on using the original traditional process of making coconut oil & consume it wisely... then you'd have a wonderful live on this planet.

    if you want a healthy skin then use the raw organic extra virgin coconut oil all over your body once a day or you can add it a lil bit of it on your salad or green tea to booze your metabolism and energy... and don't forget to work out and recover with well with coconut water . It's the best!

    I am from Java Island in Indonesia..... where we live and breathe with coconut from its water, leaf, tree, and fruits! we are human but let's all of us be kind to nature and our body... and mind.

    peace and love,

    • Moderator

      In reply to ari's comment

      Thank you, Ari. This is one thing I love about coconut oil. It doesn't destroy the entire plant, like palm oil, and has all the benefits. So much better for us and the planet.

  • Coconut oil is used by almost all Indians, it keeps you looking young, eliminates dandruff, keeps hair healthy and skin soft and youthful. Eating one to two spoons is very good for you.

  • I've used coconut oil all my life. It's a staple in da Islands. It makes me laugh when people ask why I don't have any wrinkles, lines or turkey neck, I just turned 50 this year. They pretty much assume I use something expensive. Coconut oil is best used all over after showering for body lotion, after sun exposure moisturizer, for cooking it can withstand heat so it doesn't turn into a cancerous bi product. It is also awesome for a leave in hair moisturizerepair etc. Leave it on for about 20 minutes wrap in plastic with a warm towel On top. Shampoo and condition as usual and voila! Shiny locks.

    Thank you for sharing the article Charlie.

    • Moderator

      Thank you, Angie, for sharing how well it has worked for you. I hope to look half as good as you sound when I hit 50. My discovery of coconut oil is fairly recent and I've been enjoying all of its many uses. I have tried it on my hair several times now and I am always amazed at how good my hair looks for the week or so afterward.

  • Thank you Charlie,

    Thank you for this wonderful informative article! I am loving coconut oil! I purchased it from Mother's Market and it is 100% natural but does not say extra virgin oil, is that ok?? Do you think it would be ok to use it under makeup?

    Thank you :)

    • Moderator

      In reply to Diana's comment

      I'm surprised it doesn't say virgin or extra virgin on it. You are probably okay working your way through what you have and then seeking out one that does say extra virgin with your next purchase. You can use it under makeup in a very thin layer. Coconut oil tends to dissolve makeup. That's what makes it such a good cleanser. One good way to apply it is just before your bath or shower. That way you only have the thinnest layer left on your skin after you towel off.

  • Hi Charlie,
    as i change my location my skin became very dry, and dryness is too much that there is powder like om my face! Should i have to use coconut oil for dryness purpose

  • Hi Charlie,
    I've been using coconut oil for a couple months now under direction from my doctor...I had very dry itchy areas on my arms...It has worked wonders, not only have my arms stopped itching, for the first time in years my elbows are soft, not dark, and look great! After reading your article I have decided to try coconut oil on my face, it has been very dry and I have very sensitive skin with flare ups of adult acne. Initially I was nervous to do so and have only been using it around my eyes for a few days but so far so good! The point you made about coconut oil combating bacteria makes me feel much better about using it on my entire face. Maybe it will help acne flare ups! I will keep you posted! Thanks!

    • Moderator

      In reply to Jackie W's comment

      Hi there, Jackie. Thank you so much for sharing your story. That's awesome that it is working so well for you. I have a neighbor I am trying to convince to use it on his arms for the same thing. I use it on my face about two or three times a week and it has helped me with blackheads and I'm pretty sure my laugh lines look a little better too. You don't want it super thick on your face. Maybe use a cotton pad and just a little coconut oil on it, like you would a cleanser. Good luck. I hope it works for you.

  • i have seb derm, is it beneficial for this??

  • Hey Charlie,
    I am 23 and I'm trying to use something to start helping my skin age gracefully. However, I still struggle with occasional breakouts (but who doesn't really?). My skin is on the oily side though when I don't moisturize, any tips for using coconut oil on my skin?

    • Moderator

      In reply to Abbey's comment

      You can use coconut oil as a moisturizer and as a cleanser to help clean out pores, keep skin looking and feeling younger, and prevent breakouts since it combats the bacteria that cause it. I like to rub the coconut oil in before I shower in the morning. That way you aren't left with too much oil on your face, just a thin layer. Then you can use coconut oil as a cleanser at night. Just use a cotton pad and wipe your face clean without any soap and then rinse with warm water. Occasionally I add a drop or two of tea tree oil to my coconut oil. You may also want to try jojoba oil, since it is very similar to sebum, your face's natural oil, and may convince your skin to manufacture less of it. I'd try the coconut oil for a a couple weeks and see how it treats you.

    • Charlie you can use the coconut oil to clean your face it will even dissolve your make up and then use a tea tree oil for the acne and even witch hazel as a toner. I clean with the coconut oil at night and apply the tea tree oil on my acne and then in the morning i wipe the witch hazel on my face and then lightly use the coconut oil and my face is better than ever. I also use the coconut oil on the rest of my skin for a mosturizer and love it!!

    • Moderator

      In reply to Katherine's comment

      Thank you, Katherine.

    • thanks so much for your advice. I love natural things like coconut oil. I work at a medical spa and it's great to hear about things that can help your skin that don't cost thousands of dollars. Excited to try this on myself and tell clients about it.

    • Moderator

      In reply to Abbey's comment

      You are always welcome, Abbey. Let us know how coconut oil works for you and I hope you like it.

  • Love coconut oil and use it all the skin looks better than ever

  • I think there is some mis-information taking place here. Most knowledgeable commentators are of the opinion that pure coconut oil is not recommended on its own for external use, since, unlike other oils such as Argan, Moringa, and Shea Butter, Coconut oil forms an impenetrable barrier subcutaneously, thus not allowing the skin to 'breathe'. It is also now accepted that the amount of coconut oil consumed orally should also be limited. Whilst some of the stated benefits are unquestionable, you maybe should reassess how your information is presented in the light of current information.
    Best regards.

    • In reply to Bryan's comment

      Coconut oil has been great for my skin! For years, I've had a spot on my chin where the skin just kept breaking out and flaking constantly. For the first time, after using coconut oil, that spot has finally gone away and I have soft, smooth skin in its place.
      Now, I also use a vitamin C serum on my skin, followed by the coconut oil into which I've mixed contents from a vitamin E capsule and a phytoceramide capsule. This combination of ingredients has led to a softening of wrinkles, a brightening of my skin and a 'bleaching' of freckles and other spots. I often get compliments on my skin.

    • Moderator

      In reply to Rebecca's comment

      Thank you so much for sharing, Rebecca, and for the great ideas of what to use with coconut oil.

    • In reply to Bryan's comment

      The skin does not "breath" so the issue is moisturizing since dry cracked skin admits bacteria and fungal infections. I pick up my coconut oil habit while visiting Fiji. I missed the aroma of scented Fijian style oil so I scent it myself at home and purchase the oil online by the pound. Dont cheat yourself, slather it on.

    • Moderator

      In reply to Jeff martin's comment

      Thank you, Jeff!

    • In reply to Bryan's comment

      I think you are misinformed Bryan, when it comes to organic/ extra virgin coconut oil being specifically used for skin care. I use cold pressed virgin coconut oil, made right here in my country in the Caribbean. The cold pressed oil is so light and mild that it absorbs completely in the skin and cleans the pores, it is anti-bacterial/anti-fungal. Maybe you are mixing it up with the manufactured brand used for cooking. All my sisters got rid of their skin care brands ( in the past, we have used everything from Clinique, Aveeno, Olay, Boots, Origins, Ester Lauder, Loreal, Nuetrogena......even Cetaphil). Before we go to bed, we use the cold pressed coconut oil on our face and neck, it is sweet smelling and clear at room temperature and our skin is beautiful. Like everything else, I will advise an allergy test, but I researched the benefits for over 6 months, and the virgin coconut oil is recommended for skin care. I prefer to get my information from people who actually use the products than knowledgeable sources who prefer to recommend high cost pharmaceuticals.

    • Moderator

      In reply to Simone's comment

      Thank you so much, Simone!

    • In reply to Bryan's comment ...does not mention coconut oil at all. this site warns of how heavy coconut will sit on your skin. it is rated the hardest of oils for absorption.
      Now I agree there are benefits to using coconut oil but I have heard many in the african community swear by vaseline just as much for skin as the people here speaking about coconut .
      I think its due to the barrier of toxins and chemicals in the air not being able to get onto your skin but as far as I have read coconut oil is very heavy for the skin compared to hemp, aragan and even grapeseed or olive oil which come much higher in recommendations. I believe it is the versatility of this product that make it famous ...but not necessarily the best for skin care.

    • Moderator

      In reply to san's comment

      Thank you, San. I think it is very good for skin, but I advise caution when using it on the face. It can be very heavy on the face. The heaviness of it works well on hands, feet, and elbows. I use it on my face, but I do so before showering so I'm left with only the thinnest layer. It has done good things for me.

    • In reply to Bryan's comment

      I agree with Charlie. My skin (I'm 47) is still somewhat oily, so initially, until I did my research, I was reluctant to put CO on my face. After reading many articles, reviews etc, I decided to give it a try. No breakouts, no cystic acne of any kind. I just love this, I DO look younger than 47, and I know it's the coconut oil. I have given up Chanel, Lancôme, Estée Lauder,and every other commercial product.
      I no longer need them, and far too many chemicals. Thanks Charlie!

    • In reply to Leenie's comment

      I'm right there with you Leenie... I actually had gotten a container of coconut oil to do oil pulling with.. I had a tooth bothering me that was cracked by a dentist and didn't really want to deal with them again.. after doing the pulling just once for about 10 minutes.. the pain already started to subside, by day 2 the swelling was gone and all was back to normal.. I did this for 4 days total in the morning. About 3 days ago I was getting fed up with my go to moisturizer cocobutter, and something made me pull out my container of CO... at first I was hesitant on my face, but slapped it all over my legs and arms, then neck and belly... day 2 on put it around my eye area, by day 4.. I was using it all over.. I did immediately notice the soft feeling without the oiliness of other name high priced products that would seem to need reapplying almost every hour.. what a waste of money all those lotions etc are.. I love love love my CO, without all those fillers in the store products that make me feel like I just slapped crisco oil on myself... but until now, on here, I never knew or heard of anyone else loving and using it... Thank you Charlie too.... glad to know I was doing something good for my self finally after years of nothing, and then wasting alot of money on crap... I also like to mix my CO with some sweet almond oil too... love love love it

    • Moderator

      In reply to trisha's comment

      Thank you, Trisha! I'm glad you discovered it well before any of us. You are great!

    • Moderator

      In reply to Leenie's comment

      Thank you, Leenie, for sharing how well it has worked for you, even on oily skin. You are awesome!

    • In reply to Bryan's comment


      I will agree with Charlie. I have definately witnessed miraculous impact of this oil on hair quality as well as skin. My face below the right eye was sensitive to sun burn and had become dark. Accidently I used coconut oil and just in one day I saw the area getting clean and clear. In south of India, Coconut oil is used extensively, and these guys have superb skin and hair quality. Use of this oil retards aging of hair color and there is definately healing and cleansing property of this oil. Its not just full of important lipids but proteins and vitamins also, and all naturally.

    • Moderator

      In reply to R's comment

      Thank you, R! I'm glad to hear it worked so well for you in so many ways.

    • In reply to Bryan's comment

      I am using Coconut oil for my whole face, it is very absorbable and hydrating. I even use it around my eyes, the small wrinkles are softened and become not noticeable.

      Thanks Charlie for sharing the great info!


    • In reply to Angie's comment

      Hi what is the name of the brand for the coconu oil, because the one I am using is for my face Is drying my face

    • Moderator

      In reply to stella's comment

      Everyone has their favorite. I like Ojio, but there are a lot of very good ones out there, Stella. Coconut oil can be drying during winter because it goes solid in the cold and doesn't absorb as well. Avocado or jojoba oil may be better during the colder months or you can use it before or during a warm shower or bath to get more out of it. Hope that helps.

    • I began using Coconut oil to moisturize my dry skin about a week ago. I noticed how soft my skin became and how quickly the transformation was taking place but I was concerned that my skin still appeared dry. Thanks for the winter tips Charlie they make perfect sense!

    • Moderator

      In reply to Angie's comment

      That's great to hear, Angie. You are welcome and thank you for sharing how well it's working for you.

    • In reply to Bryan's comment

      Hi Bryan,
      I don't know where you're getting your misinformation from but you should really research stuff before posting ignorant comments such as this one.
      My father has horrible bed sores and just with the use of coconut oil, they cleared up within 3 days. Pure coconut oil is excellent for the skin and the more people use it , the better their skin will be.
      Thanks Charlie for the great information.
      All the best,

    • Moderator

      In reply to Eren Mckay's comment

      Thank you, Eren! You are the best. I hope you father continues to do well.

    • Moderator

      In reply to Bryan's comment

      I think we'll just have to disagree, Bryan. My skin seems to breathe just fine with it, much better than with lotions that often contain petroleum byproducts. I haven't heard of anyone having trouble with their skin not breathing with coconut oil. It is very high in calories, so, of course ingestion should be limited to a small amount each day. I usually wouldn't go over 2 tablespoons.

    • your wrong bryan , If you listen to him you will miss out on something wonderful

    • In reply to Dorothy's comment

      I have a question,I have eczema on my hand known as "pompholyx" I've been on antibiotics to cure it and its working,it's just leaving a lot if dead skin in my fingers in the process. I used lotion before regarding the dead skin ( aveeno ) and I had relapse. It came back much worse. But now,as I heal,I've been using LouAna CO in my skin and it moisturizers great. No icky feeling,all natural and absorbs quickly. Considering its not organic or extra Virginia ( says 100% pure ) is it still suitable for my skin as an efficant moisturizer with no issues?

    • Moderator

      In reply to Jesse's comment

      That is probably okay, Jesse. You can always look for an extra virgin, organic brand once you run through the LouAna one.

    • very true charllie, i come from coastal part of Kenya and it is very hot here. We use coconut oil even on new born babies and it fights heat rush! When my baby was born, she had heat rush all over her body because i was using a lotion containing petroleum, she could not sleep! But when i started using coconut oil, she was relieved from the heat rush and her skin became smooth! coconut oil is just amazing!

    • Moderator

      In reply to Nelly's comment

      Thank you for the back up, Nelly. I've used it on heat rashes too with success.

    • Hi Charlie, Thank you sooo much for all the information. start using coconut oil all over my body and feeling so relaxed and light after using this. Now I am using for my kido as well. As her skin is very rough bcoz of allergies. Feeling good now. Thank you heaps.
      I have a question in my mind. I am using PARACHUTE COCONUT OIL :

      I am confused. Should I use this oil or should I buy PURE Coconut oil like OJIO??? Please suggest me accordingly. I will be very thank ful to you.

      Keep up good work.

    • pliz advice where I can purchase coconut oil my face is full of heat rash

    • I started using it two days ago on my entire body, and i was surprised how moisturized my face felt in the tropical island i live. My hair and skin looks great - skin is so soft.