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The Best Coconut Oil

the_best_coconut_oit_imageAfter posting our favorite 50 uses for coconut oil, we’ve been asked several times what the best brand of coconut oil we happen to like the most is. There are so many great ones out there that it became nearly impossible for us to pick just one. So we, here at Sunwarrior, put our heads and our taste buds together (not literally though) to pick our favorites and narrow it down to five. Here are the best ones we enjoy in no particular order.

Artisana – Artisana’s coconut oil is non-hydrogenated, unrefined, extra virgin, and certified organic. It has a wonderful coconut flavor and aroma and, as a bonus, comes in a glass jar. Check out their other coconut products, including coconut butter.

Nutiva – Nutiva is by far the favorite of almost everyone we polled for the quality and cost. It is inexpensive, delicious, certified organic, unrefined, cold-pressed, extra virgin, and chemical free. Nutiva has traditionally come in BPA-free plastic containers, but they now offer this great product in glass too. We love this coconut oil. We haven’t tried their Coconut Mana, but it looks amazing.

Maison Orphée – Maison Orphée makes organic and gourmet oils and condiments. Their coconut oil is of the highest quality. It’s organic, extra virgin, pearly white, gorgeous, delicious, and comes in a glass jar.

Ojio – This one has been used frequently by many in the office and it is very high quality, extra virgin, chemical free, non-hydrogenated, and uses cold centrifuge extraction. It also comes in glass to avoid BPA and other toxins.

Dr Bronner’s – Dr Bronner is better known for his natural and organic soaps, but he makes an excellent extra virgin coconut oil too. This oil is also cold pressed and organic with a delicate coconut aroma and flavor that will leave you feeling happy and energized.

Each one of these will fulfill all the uses that made our original list and more. These are the best of the best, but there are many brands out there that will meet your needs. Nature’s Way and Barlean’s narrowly missed making the top 5 list as they are excellent products, but not offered in glass. Check them out too. And if you come across another brand, just make sure you read the labels and choose what works for you and your life.

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