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Quick and Yummy: Vegan Kale with White Beans Recipe

This kale and white bean recipe can be made in just a few minutes and can be transformed into a sauce, soup, or simply eaten as-is.

Kale is on the supersexy vegetable list as of late—and for good reason. It's loaded with good-for-you nutrients including vitamin K and vitamin C, as well as minerals, amino acids, and superfood status antioxidants. That it's easy to grow and cook doesn't hurt either. Its quick-cooking versatility makes it a go-to green for every day meals chock full of flavor and nutrition.

White beans, such as cannellini are one of the few good-for-you foods that are white in color (can you guess any others? Cauliflower is a good one. Oats count. What else? Slim pickin’s for sure!). They're an excellent protein and fiber source, providing a cholesterol-lowering, plant-powered punch. They have double the iron of beef, and contain molybdenum, an important trace mineral. They're deliciously yummy, too.

White beans and leafy greens have a long history together in Italian cooking. This dish is my take on a Tuscan white bean and kale dish. You can add more liquid to make it into a sauce for serving over pasta, atop rice, or on polenta. You can add a lot more liquid and turn it into a hearty, any-season soup, too.

I recommend cooking big batches of beans ahead of time (like on the weekend for the coming week) and keeping them stored in glass mason jars in your refrigerator (only put them in once they've cooled completely). Then, you can dole out the beans as needed for various recipes. It's best to soak cannellini beans overnight and then cook approximately two hours until tender. Try to avoid canned beans whenever possible as most canned foods contain a toxic substance in the can lining called BPA (bisphenol-A) that has been known to disrupt the endocrine system and cause reproductive issues.

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