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Hot and Spicy Guacamole Recipe

Guacamole is an amazingly delicious and healthy snack which provides lots of health benefits. Avocados, which make guacamole what it is, are filled with healthy unsaturated fat, the type of fat beneficial to your health which lowers harmful blood cholesterol and also lowers blood pressure.

They’re also loaded with vitamin E. This nutrient helps keep you healthy, slowing oxidative damage to your cells, damage associated with aging and disease. Vitamin E also helps regulate cell communication and controls the level of inflammation in your body. Each avocado used to make guacamole contains 4.16 milligrams of vitamin E, or 27% of your daily recommended intake.

This snack can be used as a dip, topping on a salad, or even a condiment. It’s also a great dish to serve when watching a movie or in the presence of company!

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