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Water: The Fountain of Youth

“More energy is encapsulated in every drop of good spring water than an average-sized power station is presently able to produce.” Viktor Schauberger

water_spring_green_nature_beauty_picDuring the 16th century, stories referencing a “fountain of youth” spread across the world, telling grand tales of restoring the youth of anyone who drank or bathed in its waters. There are countless tales and mythologies regarding this restorative fountain, including Alexander the Great crossing the Land of Darkness to find this spring. The word “spring” is specifically used in the telling of this story. Notice how it is not called the “kitchen” of youth, the “shower” of youth, or the “filtration- system” of youth, it is the fountain, which also signifies in ancient times a spring. In French, spring also means the source.

As a student of indigenous practices and longevity strategies, one of the most consistent themes I discover in those cultures is the exclusive consumption of high mountain glacial water. We all realize that water is the source of all life and without it no other healing source matters. There are many schools of thought on what form of water we should be drinking. This is not an attempt to set the record straight on this issue, but more an invitation to explore your own intuition by experimenting with water naturally occurring within underground aquifers unexposed to the atmospheric influences. Many believe we should distill water before consuming it, yet this water is generally coming from the tap of the municipal water supply. This is highly processed, disturbed, chlorinated, fluoridated, and further contaminated tap-liquid. It is not truly water in its most authentic state.

This topic is so rich with information and insight that one article can only scratch the surface. I invite you to go to to locate viable and tested springs in their environment. It makes great fun for friends and family to take a trip to the spring and fill up weeks’ supply of fresh, pristine, and cleansing waters. I have personally consumed spring water from various locations and can attest there is no other form of water that matches the hydration potential.

Enjoy this in-depth excerpt on the power of spring water and how it can change your life from my book, The Life Food Peak Performance System:

“I, as the great Austrian water wizard Viktor Schauberger consider water, at its most basic function to be the blood of the earth. Water is the life line of all living organisms, humans being no exception to this fact. When I speak of the benefits of water I am specifically speaking of fresh, pristine spring water that is presented to us by nature. Hydration rests at the foundation of all life functions, without proper hydrogen/oxygen balance that natural water provides water_waterfall_glass_drink_natural_fresh_pica perpetual dehydration will take root, and detain all progressive functions of the body. In the spirit of simplification I adhere to Viktor Schaubergers theory on the law of levitation in contrast to the pervasive law of gravity. Oxidation, or an over bearing positive charge will create a “gravitational” force on the body. This is obvious when we see degenerative conditions and basic physical declines that break the body down over time. This is due to too much pressure being placed on the body, thus too much gravity. There is a counter-balancing force which is levity or negative magnetic charge which has been explained above. Schauberger was a keen observer of nature which presented him with the insight that the upright posture of humans and animals is due to an upward movement of energy and growth. This uplifting movement in energy has been called biomagnetism, this is what allows a tree, for example, to resist the gravitational pull of the atmosphere. In Schauberger’s translated book The Water Wizard, he explains the vital inner energies of water are most concentrated as spring water has properly matured. Water ripens as it is drawn upward from the depths of its environment and allowed to naturally release through the womb of the earth. This is called mature water, when water is forced out of the ground prematurely, such as well water, it is considered immature water and slowly strips the body of its mineral content.”

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