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Wash Your Worries Away

Too many of us are weighed down by the regrets of the past and worries of the future. Wash them away and be present in the now with this great tip!

danielle_ciminero_wash_worries_relax_beach_surf_picWater is a special thing. It makes up over sixty percent of our bodies: ninety percent of our lungs, eighty percent of our blood and skin, seventy five percent of our muscle, and seventy percent of our brain. We can’t live without it; we’d perish after just a few days. We use it to bathe, wash our food, clean our homes. We can also use it to clear our minds.

You’ve probably heard the saying Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That's why they call it the present.

But how many of us live this truth? We often spend our time living outside of the present moment, at least in our minds. We get caught up in remembering past mistakes, failures, setbacks. We squirrel away time fretting about our hopes for the future, and spend countless hours planning for what’s to come.

Although it’s wonderful to use our minds, to think things through, to plan and dream, we’re missing what’s right in front of us: the now. We can take back the present moment and enjoy it for what it truly is. We can live better. When our homes begin to collect dust and clutter, we clean them. How often do you clean your mind?

One way to achieve this is to wash your worries away with water. You can do it the next time you’re at the beach—whether it’s an ocean or a lake doesn’t matter, just somewhere with an incoming tide. In the sand at the waters edge, write down everything on your mind. Write down your fears and worries. Write down any past mistakes you have been unable to let go of. Tell the universe that you have learned everything you can from those experiences and you are ready to let them go. Then write down all of your hopes and desires. If you prefer, just write the first part of each statement and think the rest in your mind:

write_sand_words_beach_sunrise_water_picI hope . . .

I dream . . .

I fear . . .

I worry . . .

I regret . . .

I feel . . .

I wish . . .

I want . . .

Give yourself time to think or write each and every thought, in as much detail as you can. Once finished, look upon the water, breathe deeply, and announce, “I release these things. I have thought them through and no longer need to think about them. I am ready to trust that what is meant to be will come to me and that I will be guided to an even better life than I can possibly imagine. I am letting all of those thoughts go, knowing that my innermost yearnings have been heard and I have an amazing future in store.”

Now sit back, relax, and watch the tide wash everything away. Let the thoughts go; you no longer need to think about them. Come back to the present moment open, empty, and free. Remember that life is meant to be fun too. Now go on and enjoy yourself!

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