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How to Feel Happiness from the Inside

Everyone deals with stress, but how do you feel happiness from the inside out? A few simple items can make really dealing with stress easier.

woman_happy_celebrating_excited_arms_picAs a physical trainer, I always perform an assessment from the first moment that I meet a new client or athlete to begin a training program. Unlike many other professionals in my area, I rely on programs that focus first in the core of the body and move towards the outside appearance, including everything from the physical to the spiritual.

Physically, I work with my clients to develop a strong core, with posture being the central focus. We strengthen the core using exercises, Pilates, and yoga. When working with these clients, the first thing I notice is their body language, energy, and attitude. This outward energy is something that changes daily. Just by hearing footsteps or seeing the facial expression and posture of my client enables me to determine if my client has had a good or bad day, and whether or not they are happy.

Our internal feelings follow us throughout the day and are the determiners of our success.

Many of my clients come to me to improve their physical appearance. Others come due to scoliosis or backaches, weight loss goals, or goals for a fitness competition. But the end hope is for all clients to achieve an optimal quality of life, not only physically but holistically. What they don’t usually understand is that they are ultimately reaching for something that was not in their initial plans: happiness. By promoting physical exercise, discipline, perseverance, and a healthy lifestyle, they manage to find a balance and achieve happiness easier. But even though humans constantly seek happiness and there are many books and studies on it, there are very few people who lead a calm life and are able to solve their problems easily. The ones who are able to do so are those we remember with love.

Video thumbnail for youtube video Meditation: R & R for the SoulThese days there are so many ways to create happiness in our lives from the outside. They include therapies, shopping, pills that increase the release of happiness hormones, going out for dinner, dessert, and endless other things that provide feelings of momentary happiness. However, the key to achieving happiness is so close to us that we might not see it. Through meditation techniques, breathing, and refocusing on ourselves, we are able to reconnect with ourselves.

When we focus on ourselves, we ignite the connection of the body, mind, and spirit. But how we perceive the world, and the perspective and attitude we use to view life, influences our moments to find happiness and make that connection. Our world perceptions also dictate what is right or wrong. Focusing on ourselves allows us to become aware of who we are and find our reason for living. It sounds easy, but it takes many steps and sometimes decades to realize that we all come into this world with a purpose, and it is our duty to find it. By finding our purpose, we are able to live with passion, and love radiates around us in every action we take. And in moments of difficulty, such as divorce, death of a loved one, loss of a job, violence, and the issues of everyday life, we are given the opportunity to test our courage, fight for our happiness, and treat the experience as a lesson.

Sometimes in turbulent times we shine, flourish, and find the simplicity of life and our reason to exist. The most important thing is knowing that everyone has the free choice to explore and find their personal greatest treasure of life. From that perspective, life takes a turn and everything consciously prospers.

Becoming aware of what disturbs us allows us to focus on solutions, not problems. We are seekers of problems by nature, but focusing on the negative is damaging. We can find solutions by means of relaxation and calming techniques. Some of those techniques are:

  • Be calm and breathepeace_woman_calm_breathe_relax_pic
  • Move away from the situation
  • Focus
  • Take time for a short meditation wherever you are
  • Inhale and exhale
  • Be aware
  • Be creative
  • Be open to options
  • Take responsibility
  • Exercise
  • Eat balanced meals
  • Get adequate sleep

Being open to options often helps us reconnect thoughts and discover solutions that anger blinds us to. Being creative in our lives is a great weapon, allowing new ideas and solutions to flow. Being aware is like having a full arsenal that can be used in difficult situations in order to stop and find the best alternative. To be aware is to choose. Sometimes we become victims in situations where we do not take responsibility for a situation based on a perception. We feel trapped, and we get stuck blaming, avoiding reality, and magnifying small problems into tragedies that not only affect ourselves but those around us. It is in those cases when we must take a step back to rethink and reposition ourselves towards the solution from another angle.

With practice, this process naturally unfolds until we automatically become proponents of happiness. Exercising, eating balanced meals, and having adequate sleep (especially between the hours of 10 pm and 2 am) are crucial lifestyle changes necessary for a healthy state of mind so that our brains are capable of making decisions that naturally trigger the release of positive neurotransmitters such as endorphins and dopamine.

food_and_activity_journal_imageAs previously mentioned, finding our purpose is really the first step to being happy. When we find that purpose, we have joy. Find what really motivates you. Be aware of what comes to your mind, write down your thoughts, and take into consideration your answers. Now consider your profession in the framework of what you’ve written down. Use those words to guide your career towards your motivation in life. Whether it is a humanistic or scientific career, you always have the option of making changes to live your passion. Put into daily practice these techniques of awareness, cultivate this love, and you will see that that happiness comes from within yourself.

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