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Time to Make a Dream Board

Your dreams have been on the back burner for too long. Take this chance to start building them into reality!

greek_island_photos_collage_dream_board_travel_trip_picThe entire purpose of this article is to convince you, the reader, why you need to make a dream board. Let me start off by telling you what it is before I tell you why you need to do it. A dream board is literally a board constructed of your dreams. There are different ways to do it, but the simplest one is to take a board and attach pictures of things that represent your dreams. Once completed, hang it somewhere you will see every day. Lists of your goals or inspiring quotes are great too, but they need to be separated from your vision/dream. The dream board is powerful because our minds love visual cues, so seeing a picture of what it is we desire will start a spark in both our conscious and subconscious minds.

Why Do It?

Why is this something that should pertain to you? I’m glad you asked! A dream board is an exercise I do with my clients in life coaching to get them to understand what is it they really want. Once they recognize what that is, they are able to own it. People who are able to own their dreams are the same people who are able to achieve them. Olympian medalists don’t just think about their dreams—they own them. They visualize winning and hitting their goals because they absolutely know they can.

How to Make a Dream Board

You can be an Olympian in your own life. A dream board is a way for you to own your goals, see them everyday, and be held accountable by them. Want a new car? Put a picture of that type of car. Want your dream body? Put a picture of people with that body or perhaps a picture of water bottles or fruits and boy_airplane_make_believe_dreams_fly_clouds_fun_picveggies, whatever it is that will inspire you and cue you to do what it takes to turn your dreams into a reality. Perhaps you don’t want to bring a giant poster of magazine clippings or printed pictures to work with you—that’s fine! Instead, opt for one in your bedroom and a small couple of pictures tacked to the visor in your car. Fill the spaces you spend the most time in with images that inspire and empower you.

Most importantly: get creative! The entire purpose of the dream board is for you to set aside time to declare what it is you want, own it, and then surround yourself with images of those things! There is nothing that is too small or too big. Make sure each picture makes you feel something positive. Consider putting a few pictures that just make you smile, like a laughing baby or a cute puppy. These may sound cliché, but if something gives you even a tinge of joy—use it! You deserve to own your dreams and do something about them. Think of all you do for others all day long. I challenge each of you to do this for you. You absolutely deserve it; just like you absolutely deserve everything you dream of!

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