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5 Ways to Fool-Proof Your Fitness Goals

The weather is cooling down, so my energy is running low. I have family in town and too much to do with cleaning up after the holidays. I’ll get started soon, but for now, I have to get the kids to school. What reasons do you give for letting your health suffer this time of year? Don’t let your health goals fall by the wayside as other priorities pull you around this winter. Be proactive and create a fool-proof plan! Follow these 5 tips for surviving the winter, and make an agreement with yourself to be successful.

1. Create S.M.A.R.T. Goals

A goal without a plan is just a dream. Set yourself up to be successful by creating a SMART Goal plan. Make sure that the plan you create around each part gets equal attention!

goals_smart_specific_measurable_achievable_realistic_timely_time_based_picSpecific - Define exactly what it is you’d like to achieve, and be specific! Answer who, what, when, where, and why in reference to your goals.

Measurable - Be sure to establish where you are and know where you want to go. The best way to know if a plan is working is by measuring your success.

Attainable - Establish a goal and you’ll find a way to make it reality.

Realistic - Be realistic when you decide what it is you’d like to achieve. You must agree that the goal you’ve made is something you’re willing and able to work towards. Talk to a fitness and/or health professional if you need help determining what a realistic goal looks like.

Timely - Set a date and stick to it. If you get to that date and you’re not where you’d like to be—set a new date! Just be sure to have a deadline to work towards.

2. Adhere to Your Desired Lifestyle

Especially as holiday parties roll around, it becomes increasingly difficult to remember what exactly makes us tick in the most successful way. Regardless of what temptations arise, remember that being healthy is a lifestyle. Make educated decisions about what activities will help you adhere to your desired lifestyle.

3. Do What You Enjoy!

What’s the point of working towards something if you don’t enjoy it? I’m not saying everyone looks forward to their workouts and clean eating, but if you can achieve your goals by participating in activities that you enjoy, maybe, just maybe, you will look forward to it! Try new activities and recipes. Buddy up with friends to make the workout more fun.

travel_glasses_map_passport_ipod_music_journal_trip_pack_prep_pic4. Prep for Travel

If you’re leaving home with travel plans, prepare, prepare, prepare. Make sure you have the food items in your program available to you: pack snacks, protein powder, and other supplements in your carry on to avoid airport food. Shop for nutritious whole foods when you get to your destination. Finally, make sure you locate a fitness facility or the open road to help keep you moving.

5. Measure Your Progress

Whether you’re working towards a leaner physique, a healthier lifestyle, or both, measuring your progress raises awareness of what works and what doesn’t. Tracking your food and activity with a diary is a great place to start, as well as before and after photos.

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