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The Personal Trainer Hunt: Six Questions You Should Ask

Hiring a personal trainer can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Check out the six questions that will make the task easy!

There are so many personal trainers out there, finding the right one for you can feel impossible and the task can be so daunting it’s hard to know where to begin.

I am going to share with you six questions to ask your trainer, and yourself, before you hire.

At the Meeting

1. Do you have a preferred client base or a specialty?

It is important to know the group of people your trainer works with. If they are a personal trainer who typically works with the senior population, but you are a twenty-year-old female, the fit may not be appropriate.

Many personal trainers have specialties. Whether it be working with the female demographic, young athletes, or the senior population. Finding a personal trainer who specializes in your demographic can be useful.

This way they are an expert in exercises and workout styles that will benefit you and your body.

2. How long have you been working as a personal trainer?

This is a question we like to ask whenever we are getting a service. Knowing someone’s hands-on experience is crucial.

You may prefer someone who is not as experienced because their training style will be more flexible, while someone with increased experience may be more knowledgeable, in the art of personal training.

There are always positives and negatives to each experience level.

3. Where do you hold your personal training sessions?

Some personal trainers work exclusively from one gym or studio space, while others come to your home. It is important to know what you are looking for, and what they are able and willing to do.

For example, if you are a person who loves working out outdoors, finding a trainer who is excited to do that with you is of high priority.

4. What is your availability?

We live in a hectic world. All of us have busy schedules. Knowing that your personal trainer will be able to accommodate your schedule is crucial.

If you work a nine to five job, Monday through Friday, and your trainer exclusively works those hours as well, your schedules will clash.

After the Meeting

Now that you have concluded your meeting with the personal trainer, take a day or so, and ask yourself two questions.

5. Am I going to be comfortable with this person?

Naturally, when you work out, you’re going to get sweaty, your hair may get messy, and you may look slightly awkward doing certain exercises. There is no shame in this.

Being comfortable with your trainer is essential. If you are feeling self-conscious, chances are you will not put 100% into your workouts for fear of not looking your best.

6. Is this person going to inspire me?

There are days when you will not feel like working out, therefore you want a trainer who will push you and make you feel inspired.

Within minutes of meeting someone, you will not know everything about them, but you can generate a feeling they give you. Do you like their attitude and the things they are saying? Or do you feel slightly agitated by this person?

Listening to these feelings is important because you want a trainer you genuinely like to be around. They should inspire you to be the best you can be.

Good luck in your hunt for the perfect personal trainer. Find someone who is right for you and get ready to reach your goals!

Until you get that personal trainer, take some tips from an online trainer!

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