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Full Body Rubber Band Workout

A Full Body Rubber Band Workout with Tim McComsey will keep you in shape with cardio and muscle building.

Trainer and Dietician Tim McComsey is coming in hot with two workouts, and he’s got a large rubber band in tow. These two exercises are designed to work your entire body, and give you that burst of cardio as well.

For the first exercise, step on the band with both feet and pull the band tight for resistance. With your shoulders back, chest high, step to the side as far as you can, pick up your other leg, and let it come in slowly. Then step back to your original position.

Once you’ve done 20 reps it’s time to move onto the second exercise. Stand on the band with your feet shoulder length apart. Bring the band up, with elbows at a 90 degree. Squat down on your heels and push up, raising the band high above your head. Perform this exercise 20 times as well. Repeat both exercises, performing 15 reps each. Then repeat again at 10 and 5 repetitions each. You’ll feel a burn in your glutes, legs, core, and shoulders. Your heart rate’s gonna be fast, and your breathing’s sure to follow suit.

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