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7 Health Benefits of Fulvic Acid

Never heard of fulvic acid? Many people are missing or low on this important nutrient without even realizing it! See for yourself!

What is Fulvic Acid?

garden_grow_plant_green_dig_dirt_picFulvic acid, not to be confused with the B vitamin folic acid (folate), is a natural humic compound found in rich, organic soil. It is formed as microbes break down organic matter. These microbes hug the roots of plants in a symbiotic relationship. The plant brings moisture to the microbes and protects them from the sun and wind while these bacteria create the perfect transporter to aid the absorption of minerals and vitamins from the earth. This process continually enriches the topsoil as plants grow, die, and are broken back down over and over again.

Why is it Missing?

Modern farming methods don’t allow for the enrichment of soil to occur. We overcrowd and overuse the same dirt season after season. Fertilizers help, but they usually rely on only a few elements and are woefully incomplete when you look at all the trace nutrients in the richest of soils. Pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides then inhibit the microbial actions that would normally create fulvic acid.

1. Nutrient Transporter

Fulvic acid is neither an acid nor a mineral, but a small, complex compound that has the fairly unique ability to attract and bind with many molecules, including charged ions. This makes it an important transporter of vitamins and minerals into plants via their root systems. This same transporter ability applies to humans too. It serves much like a cellular taxi.

As we eat rich, organic plant-based foods, the fulvic acid carries nutrients into our system. Plants not grown organically will contain much less fulvic acid and will fail to deliver as many nutrients, if they are even present to begin with. Much of these vitamins and minerals won’t be bioavailable without an active transporter to aid in the absorption vitamin_c_antioxidant_for_the_body_picprocess, and they are lost as waste.

2. Antioxidant

In addition to helping us absorb vitamins and minerals, fulvic acid serves as a powerful antioxidant. It readily gives or takes an electron, limiting the damage that such free radicals can cause throughout the body.

3. Electrolyte

Fulvic acid is considered a polyelectrolyte as it can be both positively and negatively charges and can often carry additional electrolytes. Electrolytes play an important role in hydration, blood acidity, and muscle function.

4. Detoxifier

That tiny taxi does more than simply deliver nutrients into our system. It also carries waste products out. After delivering nutrients to our cells, fulvic acid happily binds to heavy metals, toxins, and age-causing free radicals, neatly packaging these harmful compounds for removal from our bodies without causing problems on the way out.

5. Digestion

Fulvic acid increases the productivity of many enzymes involved in digestion. It may also play a role in controlling the less beneficial bacteria that live in our guts.

6. Metabolism

Fulvic acid is small enough to enter cells and aid in the metabolism process by taking on the free radicals that can damage mitochondria, the power plants of the cellular world.

7. Muscle Repair

Free radicals can also slow repair of muscles after workouts. Fulvic acid helps the body absorb and put protein to use and then it speeds the healing process after exercise breaks down muscle tissue. It also helps transport many of the other nutrients muscle cells needSunwarrior_Liquid_light_pic to repair themselves.

Where do You Find It?

Fulvic acid is found in all organically grown fruits and vegetables. It is also available in supplements. These supplements (Liquid Light is one!) come from ancient plant deposits, preserved beneath minerals long before modern pollution existed. These deposits are rare, many found in the Himalayans. Use them wisely. Fulvic acid supplements supercharge any other supplement, delivering more bioavailable nutrients into the body. They work especially well in combination with ionic mineral complexes. Those who take these supplements have a noticeable increase in energy, vitality, immune function, and tolerance of stress. Never combine fulvic acid with chlorinated water (use filtered water).

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