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Superfood Rice Pudding

On those days when you owe your mouth a favor for all the work it does for you, you should give it the superfood rice pudding!

Hilarious, spunky, soulful, quick to sing or break into random accents, a master in the kitchen, there are many ways to describe Jason Wrobel (aka J-Wro), but no matter what you call this talented culinary chef and overly energetic TV personality, just be happy he shares recipes like this one with us all as often as he does. What’s our treat today? Rice pudding, people!

To make this superfood version of a classic favorite, you need cooked rice of course. This is a great way to repurpose leftover rice too.

Superfood Rice Pudding


  • 3 cups cooked brown rice
  • 3 cups of your favorite nondairy milk
  • ½ cup lakonto
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
  • raisin_raisins_spoon_pic½ teaspoon sea salt
  • Shake of ground cinnamon
  • Shake of ground cardamom
  • ¼ cup organic raisins
  • ¼ cup fruit juice sweetened dried cranberries
  • ¼ cup crushed organic almonds
  • ¼ cup crushed organic walnuts
  • ¼ pitted and finely chopped dates
  • ½ organic orange peel, finely minced
  • 1 scoop Sunwarrior Warrior Blend vanilla protein


Add all ingredients to a saucepan, stir, and then simmer it for thirty to forty minutes over medium low heat until it is the thickness you want.

Garnish your dish with orange zest, cranberries, and a sprinkling of cardamom to make this fantastic dessert even prettier than it already is. That’s the ticket! Then dig in. You’ll want a hefty spoon to shovel all this goodness into that lucky mouth of yours. Leftovers have never tasted so good. You are so very welcome, warriors!

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