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Strengthen Your Upper Body Using a Band


Tim McComsey, fitness trainer and owner of TRyM Fitness in Dallas, introduces us to an upper body exercise that will tone arms, chest, and back while burning fat at the same time. He piles 5 exercises into one intense workout, 20 seconds each with 15 seconds of rest between. Go fast to make it the most effective!

Start with an overhead band press. Step on the band, pull the other end up to your chin, and press upward. Rest and then jump into a band upright row. You'll want a wider stance on this one to make the tension greater, and then row upward. Next you'll do another type of row. Step on the band, choke down on the end you hold to amp up the tension, and row away while squeezing your shoulders. A band pushup follows. Wrap the band around your back and it gives each pushup a little more oomph. Finally do a bicep curl last. Step on the band again and curl upward. Rest for 30 seconds and then repeat the whole thing. Do it 5 times total to really get those muscles burning and your heart rate up.

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