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Sarah Edmondson: Working while Pregnant

I think I’m in a pretty unique situation. To be able to work as an actor in the voice industry and as a coach with Executive Success Programs is amazing. Both careers are so flexible and perfect for a mama to be.

sara_edmondson_andrew_francis_samuel_vincent_voice_acting_picThe most recent series I’ve done was MaxSteel.

The show is always such a blast to work for and it’s a perfect job for me right now—fun, short sessions and an incredibly supportive cast. Although they do tend to tease me about the massive bag of healthy treats I always bring to sustain myself.

I never go to work without my chocolate Sunwarrior smoothie, grape kombucha, some sort of protein bar, and Singers saving Grace spray…just in case my character has to yell and scream—which is often!

Here is a photo of baby and me and two of Vancouver’s top voice talents, Sam Vincent and Andrew Francis. This is from our last recording session of Max Steel, season 2.



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