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Keeping It Healthy Through the Holidays

Put the merry and bright back into your holiday by keeping it healthy! These five tips will let you celebrate without regret!

The holidays can be less than thankful towards our bodies. We are subjected to numerous gatherings with friends and family, multiple holiday dinners, office treats, and, before we know what’s happening, constant snacking can creep into our daily lives. Even the well-disciplined individual can be affected by less than stellar eating habits. Bloating, stomach upset, and disappointment in ourselves can leave us feeling a little blah. Here are my five tips for keeping it healthy through the holidays that can help ease you through the holidays with minimal side effects.

1. Keep an Exercise Routine

As much as you might want to slack off during the holidays, this is the prime time to keep your exercise routine in full force. By working on compound exercises, cardio, and large muscle groups, you will be burning more calories and thanking yourself after the holidays for keeping up with your routine. You don’t have to be a gym rat during the holidays, but making an appearance a few times a week will keep things in check. You can also take your exercise outside if you feel up to it.

2. Water, Water, Water

Drinking water throughout the day will help keep the bloat under control and your body functioning more optimally. Also, drinking water before meals will help fill your belly, so you don’t overeat.

3. Offer to Bring Food

If you’ve been invited to a party, your host will appreciate the gesture of you bringing something. Choose a healthier dessert option or main item that you know won’t tip the scales, so you will feel good about eating. There are numerous holiday items that you can lighten up with wise options.

4. Limit Alcohol

Filling up on liquid calories, and then eating a higher diet typically fuller in fats and carbs is a sure way to add several pounds during the holiday season. Having a nice glass of wine, and then sustaining your thirst with infused water will enable you to enjoy more of what you’re looking forward to. Food!

5. Portion Control

Staying mindful with portion control can help you enjoy what you like without feeling like you are doing without. If you follow a healthy diet already, you already have the knowledge that with exercise and portion control you can enjoy a good variety of foods from main dishes to desserts. If you are just gaining a better understanding of portion control a good tip eating, not only through the holidays (but daily) is using a salad plate instead of a regular plate. This will help keep you on point during moments in question. Choose healthier options first to fill your plate, and then make individual choices for yourself.

Enjoying the festivities with friends and family is a great way to bring unity during the holidays. Life gets busy, but taking care of your health can always remain a priority with healthy choices. A healthy lifestyle shouldn’t deprive you of eating what you desire. Maintaining exercise and portion control are your biggest factors to balance the scale and not tip over. So, while enjoying yourself through festivities, remember to love yourself and your body by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping it healthy through the holidays.

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