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Apple Pie Protein Smoothie

Apple pie doesn’t just have to revolve around the holidays. But since the holidays are here . . . we have an apple pie smoothie for you!

You can make an apple pie smoothie any time of the year, any season, any day, and any hour you like. If you’re someone who loves apple pie, there’s no reason not to extend your enjoyment beyond special occasions. Talia Pollock, the energetic and zany host of Party in My Plants is talking about transforming one of your favorite desserts into a much easier to manage smoothie, so you can grab a jar and go, rather than bake, slice, or unbutton anything in the process. {9kucur9p}

Apple Pie Smoothie



Start by adding coconut milk and ice to your blender mug. Next add a little salt, cardamom, cinnamon, mesquite powder, and lucuma. Throw in some ginger, flax seed, and, for sweetness, some coconut palm sugar. Finish it off by tossing in some pecans, apples, and a kick of protein and vanilla taste with Warrior Blend from Sunwarrior. Give that baby a whirl in the old blender, glass it up, and then take it to the face. There you have it folks, apple pie in a glass. You’ll thank us later.


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