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How to Celebrate Your Arbor Day

The last Friday of April every year is a day set apart to celebrate trees (that’s in one week!). Do something special this arbor day. Create a tradition for you and your family. The trees will thank you.

Why Trees Are Important

Trees are the biggest plants on Earth and they are constantly working to make our lives better.

Climate Control

Trees store carbon, keeping our planet from getting too hot. They also cool houses and streets with their leaves and evaporation. This can conserve energy by cutting air conditioning needs. They also protect us from UV exposure in our yards, playgrounds, schoolyards, and parks.

Improve Air

Trees create the oxygen we need to breathe and fuel our metabolisms, while improving air quality by absorbing or trapping pollutants.

Limit Erosion

Trees prevent soil erosion that can destroy landscape, farmland, and residential areas through mudslides, sinkholes, and lost riverbeds.

Save Water

Trees conserve water within themselves that would be lost through evaporation and runoff. They keep water pollutants down by channeling water toward roots and carrying pollutants there. Trees add moisture to the air as their leaves transpire and breathe.

Preserve Wildlife

Trees support and protect important wildlife, including the vital bees that drive the pollination of much of our food.


Large trees contribute to a community as historic landmarks and as part of a local identity. Trees can help create a sense of pride in your neighborhood or town.


Trees affect the way we feel and our mood. Greenery can increase healing, improve focus, and reduce stress.

Provide Resources

Our trees give us food, fuel, tools, and paper. These benefit the entire world when used wisely.

Beauty and Fun

Trees make the world more beautiful and fun, increasing property values, creating privacy, increasing business traffic, muffle traffic and noise pollution, and even making great playthings for our children.

How to Party Down This Year

Plant a Tree

This is the reason behind the whole celebration. Plant a tree on your own or join in the community plantings. There are many opportunities to green up your town or your yard.

Read About Trees

Go to the library and check out a book or three on trees. Share them with your loved ones.

Support Trees

Buy yourself nuts and fruit to support the trees and growers of trees. Make a meal or a snack of these.

Visit the Trees

Go on a hike in the woods, visit an orchard, or simply spend a few hours at the local park enjoying the fluttering leaves. Climb a tree. Give one a hug. Spend some time remembering how great they smell, look, and sound.

Teach Children

If you have kids, take this day to teach them the importance of trees. Help them climb and play under them. Show them how friendly those trees can be.

Attend a Class

Take a class on trees or tree care. You can learn how to take better care of the ones in your property, how to identify them in the wild, or even how to grow your own fruit.

Plant a Garden

You may not have a place for a tree, or maybe you don’t own your home. Plant a small garden or even a few pots on your patio to add green to your life. You can even grow small citrus plants or other miniature trees in pots easily.

Go to a Festival

Many communities make a big deal out of Arbor Day. Spend some time at a festival, supporting the trees financially and in spirit.

Make a Bird Feeder

Encourage birds and other wildlife to make your trees their home.

Take a Nap

There’s not anything much better than a nap under a tree in spring. Let the wind in its leaves sooth away your stress and pain.

Whatever you do this Arbor Day, don’t forget to take a moment to realize how valuable those leafy friends really are. They make the world better and deserve some love for all their hard work.

Celebrate Arbor Day with a healthy snack!

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