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A Healthy Approach to Juicing

Many people don’t know the benefits juicing can bring them, or how to do it in a healthy way. You’ll add a green juice to your diet after reading this.

Why Juice?

yellow_juice_cinnamon_carrots_healthy_yum_picJuicing is a supplementary method of concentrating alkaline minerals, enzymes, nutrients, and nutrient cofactors into one drink. Juicing is not a replacement for food long term, but in the short term it may oftentimes be a great advantage from consuming calorie-rich foods. Due to the acidification of cooked and processed foods, and animal foods in general, alkaline-liquid nutrition serves to rebalance the scales. We can develop an overabundance of acid waste products in the body, even on a vegetarian or raw food approach, if we have a compromised digestion. An overconsumption of nuts, seeds, and overt fats will prolong this condition, therefore vegetable juices act to stabilize blood sugar and trigger peristalsis in the digestive system. Green vegetable juice provides a streamlined method of delivering life-enhancing ingredients to the cell site through instant absorption.

There are some in raw food circles (natural hygienists) that believe juicing vegetables is inefficient and inferior to chewing vegetables. This idea is formed around the fact that when we juice we leave a large bulk of the plant behind in the form of pulp/cellulose. What many do not understand is the human body does not naturally produce the cellulose-splitting enzyme cellulase and therefore has a difficult time breaking down large amounts of vegetable matter in one sitting. This is why juicing acts as a supplement. Many who develop compromised digestion on raw foods consume too many nuts and green vegetables, accumulating hard-to-process fiber and producing flatulence as a result. This can be balanced out by consuming the juices of vegetables.

Benefits of Juicing

The popularity of “juice-feasting” where one does only juices for a set amount of time is reaching mainstream circles. Working with individuals in the heart of Los Angeles, I have come across celebrities and those in the entertainment industry who swear by the power of juicing for mental clarity, weight loss, and beauty. There may be no greater method for improving skin quality and increasing radiant shine.

wheat_grass_wheatgrass_juice_green_healthy_picOxygen is an element expressed in the body through juicing as well as breathing. Juicing will help open up the passages of the lungs, allowing the transportation of oxygen to further express itself throughout the entire cellular matrix of our body. It is a disheartening thought that most individuals are oxygen-deficient. This is clearly shown in healing institutes such as The Hippocrates Health Institute, The Tree of Life, and The Raw Food Institute among others where cancer patients are treated with juice therapy. Cancer cells (mutated cells) become anaerobic, or oxygen-deprived, and derive their energy exclusively from fermentation of sugar. A healthy, functioning cell is considered aerobic which is supported through oxygen transfer.

Watch Out For…

It is not advised to do a lot of fruit juices, especially for those with serious health conditions. The fiber removed from juicing fruit speeds up the sugar absorption into our cells; fiber helps slow down the release of glucose in the body. If you do have fruit juice, diluting it in eighty to ninety percent water is ideal, an example would be orange juice or apple juice poured into a smoothie as part of the liquid base. This is not ideal for those who are experiencing a health crisis such as cancer, candida, or diabetes.

If you are new to juicing, then start slow and build up a tolerance for it. Vegetable juice is a mineral supplement and can cause one to become light-headed if they are in a transitionary state. Because of the environmental factors that assault us daily, our ability to store alkaline minerals will vary from person to person. In the beginning, many people can only handle a few ounces of green juice, otherwise they may experience light-headedness or spaciness. This is why it’s common for people to order one to two ounces of wheat grass juice at health bars. As the body acclimates itself, the spaciness will subside, and it may become commonplace to consume 20–32 ounces of green juice a day.

Add some yummy juice to your diet!

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