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Frisbee Golf: No sticks, no balls, crazy clothes optional!

Needing some Zen in your life? Frisbee golf is the answer. But really. It is. A fun game with great results.

Golf is a fun game of precision and calm reflection. When you hit the ball perfectly it can be a Zen moment in our hectic modern lives.

Does that seem to boring to you? For those of us who think that the idea of hitting a tiny ball, chasing it, and hitting it again is too quiet and lacking in a bright color scheme, there is disc golf. Also, known as Frisbee golf and frolf, it’s a game that combines the best of golf, with the casual toss of a Frisbee, the legendary flying disc that was invented in the 1950’s.

The origins of disc golf are hotly contested. It seems that the game was invented by many different people around the world at the same time. Essentially, the game involves a course, laid out similar to a golf course, with tees and ‘holes.’ The tees are rubber or metal markers (or sometimes just lines in the grass) where you place one foot and the holes are posts with chains and bases or are simply objects that you must hit.

Like a game of stickball in the street, this is the average Jane or Joe’s version of a classic game, but, in many ways, it’s a lot more fun. It’s a game that can be played in almost any clearing with trees, posts, fences, or anything else stationary that you aren’t likely to damage with the discs.

The object of the game is to get your disc to the “hole” with as few throws as possible. For disc pros, it’s a game including specific discs for putters, drivers, and mid-range, each with an appropriate weight and design. For amateurs, it can be played with a Frisbee they bought at the local store and a few pieces of paper as markers.

Why is this a game that I might recommend?

Simple, you’re outdoors. More than that though, you are out walking, throwing, and getting exercise. The laughter alone when you are playing with friends can be worth it. You can increase the intensity by running from hole to hole or to retrieve your discs.

Discs come in all kinds of sets, colors, sizes, and weights. This isn’t weightlifting material, but it is exercise and lots of fun.

To learn the rules, get a guide to the disc golf courses near you, and discover more about the game, go to The Professional Disc Golf Association website.

You can purchase disc golf sets on Amazon, eBay, and lots of sporting goods stores. If you aren’t sure if you’ll like it, you might simply pick up a couple of discs at the local dollar store or mega-store and head out to a course. There seems to be a course nearly everywhere and the PDGA website has a great guide and the guidelines required by these courses.

Disc golf is a fun, low impact way to get outside and play a game with the precision of golf, but without the expense and hassle of a set of golf clubs, a cart, and all of those crazy plaid clothes, hats, and funny socks (unless you’re into the sort of thing).

If you play, please share your experiences below. I would love to hear why you love it, where you love to play, and some hints on which discs you love and how to play better.

When you come in for the day, recharge with a refreshing fennel salad!

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