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How to Cleanse Household Toxins

Improve your environment and cleanse those harmful household toxins from your life.

woman_face_clean_smile_white_bathroom_plant_green_picWhen we respect our body’s inherent cycles, it repays us in regularity of bowel movements, ease of digestion, reduction of lactic acid and muscular tension, and an overall sense of lightness in the body. Due to the volume of toxic exposure we contend with every day, we must implement a detoxification practice in our lives. You can adopt the basic outline below and alter it to your specifications. The best place to begin is upgrading your in-house cleaning supplies and bathroom utilities for non-leaching organic products.

Your household could be one of the most dangerous environments you encounter in a day, due to the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that release or off-gas from carpets, paint, couches, mold, and stagnant, dirty air. When we breathe these subtle toxins, they infiltrate our blood stream, eventually making their way to our nervous system and beyond the blood-brain barrier. Evidence suggests household toxins adversely affect brain function to the degree that holes in the brain have been created from breathing in the paint of brand new furniture.

Consider this brief list of immediate actions we can take to improve our environment and mitigate the effects of toxic exposure.

  • Exhale congested air in the lungs by taking ten deep breaths and expelling them fully every morning.
  • Use a skin brush in the shower. Brush the skin upwards to remove dead skin cells and improve lymph circulation.
  • Practice hydro therapy. Do six thirty-second warm/cold rotations in the shower to improve nerve force, immune function, temperature regulation, and skin quality.
  • Remove plastic containers and bottles from your lifestyle. Plastic is a xenoestrogen which disrupts hormone functions. Replace plastic for glass whenever possible.
  • boy_family_parents_carpet_ground_color_lay_house_home_clean_picKeep windows cracked open to allow air circulation. Congested air is the result of electrons bonding with dirty molecules that float around our home.
  • Purchase an air-ionizing machine to improve air quality. Also place living plants in your home to purify the air, improve the energy, and beautify the environment.

Before I leave the topic of detoxification, I want to provide a tool to use for accelerated and “safe” cleansing that has improved my detox experience as well as that of the clients I personally work with. When we do cleansing programs involving juice cleanses or water cleanses, we want to ensure we are not recirculating activated toxins in our blood stream which can cause us to get sick. This is relatively easy to avoid with a few adjustments in the cleansing approach. This process is known as phase one and phase two detoxification.

Phase one is when we dislodge toxic materials from our tissues into the circulatory system.

Phase two is where we eliminate those toxins by flushing them from our system.

Try a cleansing smoothie to help flush out those toxins!

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