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Bulgarian Split Squat Exercise

Give this workout a try the next time you're waiting for the bus or falling asleep at work. Do you have the courage?

Tim McComsey, trainer extraordinaire, dietitian, and all-around exemplar of exercise awesomeness comes at you this week from the soaring red cliffs of Zion in Southern Utah close to Sunwarrior’s famed headquarters. Exercising outside brings benefit to your body and mind as you soak up the beautiful sights of nature and breathe in fresh air. Take the chance to make your workout an outdoor one.

Tim is here to show you that you don’t always need a gym or fancy exercise equipment to get a work out in. You can even manage to build and tone that body while out on a hike or around town when sightseeing on vacation. It's easier, in fact, to get the motivation for a workout when you're already moving.

tim_mccomsey_zion_workout_utah_split_squat_picWatch and enjoy as Tim squeezes a Bulgarian split squat into the middle of the trail. Find a nice log, rock, or other elevated and fairly flat surface to get you started. Ignore the looks and stares. They're just jealous that you are unafraid to get your workout on in public. Put your back leg up and then begin your squats. Don’t forget to switch legs and work both sides of your body while squeezing hard with your core. And when you're done, the walking you do the rest of the hike will help remove the lactic acid around your muscles from the workout.

Other exercises are also possible. If you'd prefer an upper body exercise to spare your legs for the hike, Tim demonstrates a back exercise on the Zion trails as well. And it's simple to come up with other exercises while you're on the trail: a well placed rock or wall is perfect for some elevated push ups, and a heavy water bottle can be used for a number of arm exercises. Give it a try and let us know what you come up with!

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