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Beginner Speed Ladder Drills

These three heart-pumping speed ladder exercises will enhance balance, rhythm, and body control. Let Tim McComsey show you the way!

Want to be faster, fitter, stronger, and more agile? Trainer and Dietician Tim McComsey breaks out the speed ladder with three heart-pumping exercises to enhance balance, rhythm, and body control. The speed ladder is an ideal conditioning tool to improve agility, lateral quickness, coordination, and overall balance. It’s great for your ligaments, tendons, and joints. And can be performed by both athletes and non-athletes to improve your overall well-being.

Follow along as Tim demonstrates all three beginner drills with the speed ladder. There’s two variations of the first exercise, both keeping both feet inside the ladder. The second exercise works your balance muscles. Standing to the side of the ladder, hop on one foot into the ladder, and back out, making your way along the length of the ladder. Do the same with the other leg. The last exercise is the ladder tap, which is another lateral movement. Run the length of the ladder on the balls of your feet, one foot inside the ladder, and the other just outside.

If this seems like your cup of tea, stay tuned in for Tim’s next video with more advanced speed ladder drills.

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