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Ambassador Tim McComsey’s Favorite Sunwarrior Products for Daily Nutrition

By Tim McComsey, RD, CPT, CEO of TRYM Fit

Looking for some good pre or post workout nutrition meals? Tim McComsey shares his typical daily diet.

Many people ask what I eat on a daily basis. While I love the weekly indulgence of Thai food or a big ol’ bowl of popcorn, I keep my day-to-day nutrition is pretty simple. I don’t like to fuss with meal prep, cooking, and reheating food so the majority of my meals until dinner time are drinkable! I make sure to consume high quality protein, low glycemic complex carbohydrates, and natural healthy fats. In addition to regular meals, fueling my functional workouts and helping my body recover with proper nutrition is what makes all the difference in building and maintaining healthy, natural muscle mass.


The majority of my protein intake is with Sunwarrior Warrior Blend and Classic Plus. Between the two I consume about twelve scoops a day! Both protein options give my body and mind the amino acid structure I need to function at my absolute best. What I love about Sunwarrior is that I can pack my shakes before I leave for the day so I never miss out on a meal. This reduces the time I spend getting out of the house in the morning so I can focus on getting into the gym and helping my clients reach their goals. Here’s what a typical day of nutrition looks like for me:

Pre Breakfast

In the morning I start out with the Ormus Greens and Liquid Light, two to three ounces of aloe vera juice, a dash of apple cider vinegar, and a shake of cayenne and cinnamon all mixed in a glass of water. This “shake” helps turn on my digestion so I can more efficiently break down nutrients. It also helps to wake up my metabolism from the night and reduce insulin sensitivity.


Next I’ll have my breakfast shake which consists of Warrior Blend protein, unsweetened almond milk, gluten free oats, and a small handful of mixed nuts. I make sure to have at least 30 grams of protein with this meal because it helps delay hunger later in the day and fills me up so I can get to work with my training and nutrition clients. Next up: prep for my workout!

classic_plus_sunwarrior_protein_vegan_chocolate_vanilla_picPre Workout

I always get a small meal in about one to two hours before I begin warming up for my workout. I usually have two more scoops of Sunwarrior Warrior Blend with unsweetened almond milk and ¾ cup of gluten free oatmeal. The complex carbohydrates and amino acids from the protein give my muscles exactly what they need for explosive energy during my workout. Time to hit the weights!

Post Workout

Within 30 minutes of completing my workout I know some healthy simple sugar or carbohydrates will go straight to repairing the glucose levels I’ve depleted from my muscles. My post workout shake consists of two more scoops of Classic Plus and a banana blended with water. I avoid any extra fat calories in this meal.


I tend to eat whole foods for dinner and make sure that 70% of my bowl is filled with leafy green vegetables like kale, spinach, or broccoli. If I get hunger pangs before bed, I will have a small Sunwarrior shake with some high fiber cereal and almond butter. These meals do wonders for keeping me full while I sleep and fueling my muscles for the next day!

Give one of these smoothies or shakes a try!

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