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The 7 Fundamentals of Clean Eating

By: Ashley R.

There’s no reason you have to feel crummy after you eat. These 7 tips for clean eating will have you enjoying your food even after you eat it.

clean_eating_green_juice_apple_oatmeal_breakfast_pic“Clean eating” has become a popular term nowadays. Regardless of what “diet” you are currently on or trying out, eating clean—eating whole foods in their most natural state—should be a priority. Unfortunately, the quality of our food has changed over the years. The food sold in supermarkets today is definitely not the same as that sold many years ago. Food companies have found ways to make their products less expensive to make but still taste “good” using ingredients that are harmful to our health. If you want to clean up your diet, it is necessary to read all food labels. Follow these seven fundamentals of clean eating in order to pave your way to a healthier lifestyle:

1. Eat lots of vegetables

Our bodies are meant to consume lots of vegetables, especially raw. They contain amazing health benefits our bodies should be getting on a daily basis in order to function properly.

2. Eat some fruit on a daily basis

I say eat “some” fruit every day because this leaves room for vegetable intake. Personally, I limit my fruit intake to the first half of my day. This ensures that I consume the recommended daily amount of fruit and makes it easier to always have raw vegetables in the afternoon.

3. Avoid preservatives

Foods that are completely processed contain zero nutrients. They have lots of unhealthy preservatives that can negatively impact our bodies. Always remember that real food is supposed to spoil!

4. Avoid anything artificial (sweeteners, dyes, flavors) and high fructose corn syrupfood_dye_artificial_coloring_unhealthy_colorful_eyecatching_sweet_candy_pic

Bad news! They are linked to inducing weight gain, amongst other health problems. There are plenty of foods that don’t contain these ingredients, like real food with real ingredients. It may take some time to find these foods as they aren’t so popular in some non-health food stores, but it is one hundred percent worth every second of your time and every penny.

5. Avoid added sugar as much as possible

There are many different names for sugar and it is added to so many food items! If you cut added sugar from your diet, you will notice an almost immediate difference in your weight, the appearance of your skin, and how you feel.

6. Watch salt content

It isn’t necessary to add table salt to food items as there is enough salt in your food already. We do need salt in our diet, but a very minimal amount. Always choose “low/reduced sodium” when possible and double check the ingredient list to make sure something wasn’t added to make up for the “lack” of salt.

7. Drink water

water_waterfall_glass_drink_natural_fresh_picAs a general rule of thumb, a person should drink half their body weight in ounces. For example, a person who is 130 pounds would drink 65 ounces of water per day. If you are exercising, that number should increase. Drinking enough water allows your body to function properly and also helps to flush out toxins.

By following these seven fundamentals of clean eating, you will be amazed how good you feel. If you struggle with weight loss, you will definitely see how helpful clean eating is to reach your goal. We are supposed to feel good on a daily basis with energy. Eating properly ensures that your body can function how it is supposed to. Replace what your body doesn’t need with what it does. A healthy body will thank you!

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