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5 moves for Strong Core and Cardio

Strengthen your Core and kick your cardio into gear in just five moves!

Developing a strong core and maintaining a good cardio rhythm is critical for your current health and for you to maintain good muscles and strength as you age. One of the key techniques to maintain a good overall physique is a good heart condition and a good core that helps you to perform different moves and activities. Here are five moves that will get your heart pumping and may give you washboard-like abs.


If there is one move that can make you feel drenched in your own sweat and get that heart pumping fast is a burpee.

Stand straight with your feet a few inches apart. Jump up and reach your hands to the ground quickly and jump back into a plank for a quick push up then jump your feet into your hands and jump straight up. Repeat this 6 times for 3 sets.

This move not only strengthens your core, but it also builds your back muscles, shoulders, and warms you up

Mountain Climbers

Keep your hands on the floor like you are going to do a push up. Keep your hips a bit lifted and move your right leg towards your left hand and alternate legs( A crisscross workout per say) Do this move at a fast speed for a count of 15 and repeat for 3–4 sets.

This move builds you core, triceps, shoulders, and also helps lengthen your hamstrings.


If you ever dreamt of that flat stomach and unreal abs then this is the move for you. Keep your elbows on the ground and toes on the ground and lift your body parallel to the ground. You are basically a human plank board, relax your neck if it hurts. Try to hold it for a minute and repeat it 3–4 times.

If you already have some core strength you can challenge yourself by doing a few minutes of lifting one hand up at a time or one leg up at a time in the same plank position.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks is a well know old school workout to get your heart pumping. You can start your strength training by doing a set of 20 jumping jacks or even do them in between workouts if you feel like your body is cooling down faster and you need to warm yourself up to keep going.

Keep your legs 4–5 inches apart and jump with your hands and feet touching and quickly reverting to the open leg and hand position.

This move is a great cardio move and helps strengthen your legs, and also aids digestion.

Squat Press

Using dumbbells, stand with your feet a few inches apart. Pretend like you are sitting on chair and squat to the floor keeping your knees behind your toe line, and push all the weight to your heels, keeping your back straight and focusing on your core muscles. When you stand up, keep your back straight and press your hands to the sky keeping your elbows parallel to each other with the weights. Repeat this 8 to 10 times for about 3 sets. Squats are the ultimate move to build your quads, strengthen your back and gluteus Maximus muscles, and helps strengthen your core and improves your overall body posture.

Move good. Look good. Feel good

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