Cinnamon Superfood Nut Butter Recipe

Do-it-yourself nut butter! You can give it for holiday gifts or keep it all to yourself! Either way, nuttin’ is better than cinnamon superfood nut butter that you made yourself!

Nut butters are pretty fantastic to start with, making almost anything better, like bread, smoothies, celery, and even that well-washed finger, but Talia Pollock of Party in My Plants is taking nut butters to new heights. She’s whipping up nut butters with extra plant-based protein, extra flavor, and extra superpowers from superfoods. This Cinnamon Superfood Nut Butter is nuttin’ but superb! {9kucur9p}


Cinnamon Superfood Nut Butter Recipe

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Start by placing three cups of nuts on a baking sheet. Go nuts with your favorite or combinations of favorites. Pop them into a preheated oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for roughly ten minutes until they are light brown and smell amazing. Add them while still warm and toasty to your food processor, along with two tablespoons of coconut sugar, one teaspoon of ground cinnamon, half a teaspoon of sea salt, two tablespoons of Sunwarrior’s Classic Plus vanilla protein (you can use vanilla bean illumin8 for extra flavor and superfoods too), and one teaspoon of maca powder. Maca is great for the adrenals, energy, recovery, and more! Look it up!

Process your nuts. You’ll need to be patient because this will take about twelve minutes. You may need to stop it a couple times to scrape down the sides, but keep going. It will go from crumbly to doughy to smooth and buttery. Yep, that’s real nut butter that you just made in your own house with ingredients you know and understand. Put it in a jar and store your nut butter in the fridge. Yum!

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